One thing I have learned is creating a managable coop is an on-going process.
I'd been struggling with what to do about a droppings board for below the roost. A few weeks ago while I was weatherizing with plastic, one of my girls pooped on a small sheet which I'd dropped on the floor. As I looked at the 'mess' I could almost hear the little light bulb click on above my head.
I made a dropping catcher using PVC piping and weatherization plastic. 1 pipe is 1/2 inch. 1 is 1 inch. The 1/2 pipe is up against the wall. The 1 inch is approximately 6 inches further out than the roosting board. Both pipes are set in dowel rod holders, like the ones used in closets. I used a 20 inch width of plastic that is the length of the roost. I duct taped the plastic to the PVC and 'turned' the pipe just enough to conceal the duct tape. I sprinkled a light dusting of cedar shavings into the 'gully' which is created when both pipes are in their holders. To clean it out I use a kitty litter scooper.
It works for me. The clean up is easy. The smell is diminished considerably. And it is much more hands-off management.

Just thought I'd share this one. But there is always room for improvement. If anyone can think of potentail pitfalls for this system, please let me know.