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#63309 - 11/02/02 07:17 PM Red lights

Here I go with another dumb question. I've seen the posts recommending using red lights with young chicks or chickens who have "pecking problems". But I'm confused. Can chickens see in red light or does it just block the red blood?
I'm asking because I've put some red heat lamp bulbs in the chicken coop for heat. I've been keeping them on all night and it's been keeping the temp around 40-50 degrees. We've closed up the drafts and even though we don't have insulation, it's pretty cozy in there so far.
But will the red lights hurt? Is it the same as having lights on 24 hours per day? I don't want to stress them out. I always keep a small night light in the coop mainly so I can check on them, but I'm worried that the red lights will keep them from getting their proper rest and mess up their laying cycles. I must say that they have been laying better than ever lately but I want them to lay over a longer period and not wear themselves out too fast.
Bottom line....will keeping the red heat lamps on hurt them? Thanks

#63310 - 11/02/02 09:08 PM Re: Red lights
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No, and many years experience has been that regular incandescant bulbs in reflectors (cost less to use) can keep same heat--and no harm whatsoever if on 24 hours. Chickens do not sleep, as we know it, but may rest at intervals day and night, if they have a day roost to rest upon. Mine go up on the high night roost when it is twilight outside--or earlier, and do not get up very early in the morning if it is very cold. Light is on all night in the house with young birds. It lights the whole house which has pens of older and laying birds. Even if they should get up and eat for a bit, they will go back to roost. Not to worry. CJR


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