We have 3 fast growing 6 week old Isa Brown Leg Horn cross chicks. We have the idea of using 2 - 210 cm x 90 cm (6 1/2 foot x 3 foot) aluminium screen doors and 1 - 90cm x 90cm (3'x3') window screen to frame up a very lightweight run - discarding the flywire for 50cm diameter chook wire; thanks to my previous topic we will not be putting any wire in the base of it. smile
Then attaching a pen on wheels like a trolley in which to put the hens at night - keeping them safe from predators... A couple of questions ...
Will the run be big enough for 3 hens? Does anyone think that the medium weight aluminium screen doors would not make suitable framing?
What is the minimum size for a comfortable portable coop for three hens? We were thinking that it would be 90cm x 90cm x 90cm (3'x3'x3')?
When will we need to move the chicks out of the box we keep them in inside the house? confused