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#63763 - 10/18/02 05:57 PM Re: portable grass protector

i know i know.
Still i am on the edge of big woods here. there is a steady stream of predators in this area, but they are respectful of the cats. and this includes cats pooping under an spraying the walls of your coops.
it has been nice to have them around to keep teh varmits out, including weasel. Every mammal that approaches, they come out and circle around and watch. SEems like most wild animals don't like an audience.
mink is a large weasel. the cats don't seem to do anything in the day. its at night, i cannot live trap a single thing. and there is possom poop stack on a log about 100 ft away, up the slope...

#63764 - 10/18/02 06:11 PM Re: portable grass protector

my birds are penned too. the yards get so muddy though.
hey here's a twist- does any one know of a tougheasy to grow forage to grow in a fencerow to feed to chickens? just a cut and throw thing, no wire and grass to worry about, let them turn the ground to bare dirt. I use only wild plants as i am not permitted to plant anything and under these truly large trees only poison ivy and ferns grow anyway.
i have used grain and stuff in the past, but im talkin g really cheap- like no space and no money wasted. i vote for dandelion and chicory and both of these are edible but very bitter. really takes a strong constitution to swallow those bitter things.
there is a rather shady slope here and the only "crop" iis chickweed which is very nice but only available latest winter to late spring. dandelion is weak here there is little space and the owner cuts these hard to the ground. there is hardly any weeds as per "edible wild plants" or other references, this is some truly poor soil here for foraging and you have to drive miles to get chicory, and doing that seems to attract too much attention, anyway, even on quiet roedsides!
the slope is full of japanese grass an alien plant grows very very well but hard hard stemmy and leaves indigestible as bamboo leaves. what can i put there besides kudzu, which is also not allowed?

#63765 - 10/18/02 07:32 PM Re: portable grass protector
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If you look at old books from around the turn of the last century kale was a very common crop for poultry.

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