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#65990 - 04/02/07 05:56 AM Visit from state poultry inspector
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I was wondering if any of you have had this happen? It happened to my uncle the other day. He lives in Tennessee. The state poultry inspector showed up at his place, asking to swab the mouths of several of his birds to check for bird flu. He said they are doing some random spot checks.

The inspector told him he got his name and address from the hatchery he used to order chicks. Apparently, all hatcheries are bound by law to inform the state of the number and breed of birds shipped into the state, and the name and address of the person who ordered.

I'm not wanting to start a big debate about this, and a debate thread will just get closed anyway, but I was wondering if any of you here in the U.S. (or elsewhere, for that matter, out of curiousity) have experienced this. I'm also curious if you knew your bird order info was documented like that. I guess that part makes sense. I had never thought about it before, but I sure knew about laws regarding bringing birds across state lines and all. I just never expected this and I'm trying to decide what I would do if inspectors show up here. I'd want them to follow some STRICT bio-security, for starters.

#65991 - 04/02/07 09:24 AM Re: Visit from state poultry inspector
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Hello Susie,

nope, not personally. But I know several German breeders who got "visited" also. In Austria on the contrary an inspector is NOT allowed to enter private property except they have declared a national state of emergency.

Best greetings,


#65992 - 04/02/07 01:02 PM Re: Visit from state poultry inspector
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That's one reason I've never ordered chicks from a hatchery and always pay cash at the feedstore, but there are other ways they can know who has what anyway, I guess. Privacy? Not a chance in this country. And they would certainly mess up my own biosecurity by coming on my property after being other places; probably start something they claim they are trying to prevent.
And he would be refused admittance to my property since I am not a commercial business and my birds are for my own use.

#65993 - 04/02/07 02:21 PM Re: Visit from state poultry inspector
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I reckon I would welcome them, I feel my animals are healthy. If they werent I'd like to know.

#65994 - 04/06/07 03:09 PM Re: Visit from state poultry inspector
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i would be happy to give samples too. it would show that someone was interested in what is going on. i regard poultry flocks as sentinals. however i think they should test for a number of things. the info maybe interesting at a future date.

#65995 - 04/06/07 09:21 PM Re: Visit from state poultry inspector
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I'm sitting in the middle. If swabbing my birds might be beneficial in some way I'd be happy to oblige. However, if this guy is going place to place all day and walking around in people's coops he better bring some disposable shoe covers or something to protect my flock from whatever anyone else's might be trying to share.

#65996 - 04/07/07 04:45 AM Re: Visit from state poultry inspector
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My main concern is that my status quo be messed with on the biosecurity front. Secondarily, I just dont trust anything because of the sneaky way the USDA is trying to get the Animal ID system in place.

#65997 - 04/07/07 07:41 AM Re: Visit from state poultry inspector
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Yes, speckledhen, the NAIS has a lot of people spooked. I was thinking of that myself as I read this thread. Of course, there are many good posts on this subject in the archives here. I've been perusing them off and on...


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