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#65998 - 02/07/07 05:34 AM re Shipping nightmare
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The thing I have never understood with Murray McMurray is why they schedule their shipments so that the chicks have to travel over the weekend. I suppose for some going long distances it doesn't make much difference, but for many they end up sitting in a post office somewhere on Sunday for no good reason. If they shipped everything out on Mondays, they could zip to their destinations and be delivered as soon as possible instead of sitting a day somewhere. We ordered once from them a few years ago. Our Post Office is not open on Sundays, but we had a call Sunday morning while we were at church from the regional post office about 40 miles away and they left a message. I tried to call back when we got home but they didn't answer. I called Monday just to ask and was told that they have someone working there on Sundays but no one answers the phone. We didn't lose many chicks out of that batch, but I'm sure one less day of traveling would have been less stress on a few of them.

#65999 - 02/07/07 06:19 AM Re: re Shipping nightmare
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I just cancelled my hatchery order a few days ago because I had more viable eggs from Ebay than I thought, but one thing I was worried about is: what in the HECK does one do with 15 cockerels "added for warmth"?? That was another reason I cancelled. I live in a rural area, yes, but I'm also in a "rural upscale small neighborhood" (sorry.. not meant to sound haughty) and there is a "no chickens" covenant. We don't eat our waterfowl and I would have no desire to use the cockerels for meat.

Seriously, any cockerel added for warmth would cause a whole lotta issues over here...

Luckily, my local feed store has already been getting shipments from Privett and I have actually been able to get some of what I had ordered anyway, with the hatching eggs making up most of the rest.

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I had like a dozen added roosters to fill the box.

They ended up in the freezer since no one would take and I wasn't about to have them all crowing in a more suburban neighborhood.

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Managing shipping dates is extremely touchy for the hatcheries. Chicks MUST go somewhere when they hatch, and orders cannot be held, even a day or two. What happens to chicks that hatch one day--and cannot be mailed? Few hatcheries can keep any to raise--that is not their business. They must be destroyed.....Hatching is largely by orders and expected orders--no other way they can manage. It is an amazing industry, that has survived for YEARS, since chicks had to be sent Railway Express--no airplanes. Be thankful for survivors, and most hatcheries are able to replace chicks lost by shipping--from the "extras" that are always in every hatch of 1000s of chicks. Sometimes they cannot replace certain breeds--their eggs are limited, also.

It is very sad to lose any chicks for any reason. You are doing well to have the chicks that survived (they are very resiliant for their first 2-3 days)--and will certainly get the help of your PO, if a weekend arrival should threaten again! There is always "someone" at the PO on weekends, who, if notified (I now have that telephone number in my PO) ahead, will let you receive your chicks! They don't want them to die, either!!

So any that survived the delay, are chicks that would not have survived at the hatchery.

Hope there are no more losses and that you will safely receive replacements (even though it means difficulty in brooding different ages--better some, than none.) CJR


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