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#66942 - 04/18/06 07:04 PM Egg Costs
Aet Hippie Offline

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How much do yall charge for a dozen medium/large eggs? My mom was thinking $1 per dozen.

#66943 - 04/18/06 07:10 PM Re: Egg Costs
Patti in MA Offline

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I live in Massachusetts and we get 2.50 per doz. that is a good price here for fresh eggs.

#66944 - 04/18/06 07:38 PM Re: Egg Costs
Rogo16 Offline
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Depends on your location. Some can easily get $5/dozen. Too many feel they have to compete with the cheap stores. They don't realize they have something special to sell.

#66945 - 04/18/06 08:19 PM Re: Egg Costs
Jrsygntbrdr1 Offline
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In OK, that's what we sell our eggs for. Brown eggs usually sell for more. Sometimes we sell our larger eggs for $1.25-$1.50 Egg prices have gone up considerably. They used to be $0.89 for a dozen of white eggs! Now they are $1.39! It's a little ridiculous!

#66946 - 04/18/06 08:37 PM Re: Egg Costs
Rog Offline
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Rogo16 This is what you said Depends on your location. Some can easily get $5/dozen. Too many feel they have to compete with the cheap stores. They don't realize they have something special to sell. So what do you sell your eggs for? Or do you even sell eggs? With all your super laying hens you should have lots of extra eggs. Just curious. Rog Oh and Southwest USA is where ?
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#66947 - 04/18/06 11:33 PM Re: Egg Costs
Tucson Chickens Offline
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We sell our brown, blue, green and white "organic, range free" eggs for $3 to city-slickers here. Funny thing is that the chickens are "free range" because they have a big backyard to run around in. The feed is organic from our local feed store.

Our chickens are for enjoyment not as a money maker - the money we do make goes towards movies and ice cream.

#66948 - 04/19/06 04:09 AM Re: Egg Costs
Joachim Dippold Offline
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Canīt help but underline what Rogo16 said!

Fanciers are NOT egg-producers, they have special hens that lay special eggs. To give away 10 eggs under 3 EUR is a shame. If people donīt want to pay for quality they should go and buy somewhere else, just my opinion.

We seldom sell surplus eggs, and we get 3.00 to 5.00 EUR (3.70 to 6.17 USD) per carton containing 10 eggs, we donīt even sell our bantam eggs for less. People here are happy to have the possibility to buy "true tasting" eggs, if they want cheap "flat tasting" eggs they go to a store. We have one friend who says his children love to eat our eggs so much he willingly pays 7 EUR (8.64 USD) per carton;-)

This said i have to add we DO NOT make any profit by selling our eggs!

We spend WAY more money on our chickens so we donīt earn a single cent by selling some of our eggs. We drive every single sick chicken (and also every single sick chick) to the vet and we never leave under 50 bucks there, this month (like almost every other month) we paid more than 100.00 EUR (123.40 USD) only for the vet;-(

We donīt kill our roosters but keep and feed them, we buy fresh salad (a carton for 7.00 EUR per week) and raisins for our flock. We buy vegetables and fruits worth minimum 10 bucks per week for our flock. We buy lots of grains and lots of hay/staw, we buy minced meat and so on. We would need to sell our eggs for at least 1 dollar per egg to make any profit. LOL

Hope it helps,

best greetings,


#66949 - 04/19/06 09:39 AM Re: Egg Costs
Wyattdogster Offline
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Right now I only have a couple dozen to sell each week or so and I have a waiting list at work for people who want them. In this area (Wash.DC metro) where I work, free range eggs in store go for 2.99 and up. Organic eggs will fetch 3.99+. Unfortunately I cannot sell my eggs as organic, only free range and I get 2.50 a dozen. My loyal buyers have actually told me they would be willing to pay more (haha...they are HOOKED) and they do not want to share my eggs with any of the other doctors/nurses that I work with. One was so desperate that when she saw me bring in a dozen for someone else, she offered me $5 on the spot to take them!! When my new chicks start laying in the fall, I will raise the price, probably to $3. They are eating us out of house and home! My daughter gets the money as she collects, cleans (if needed) and packages the eggs. She is responsible for buying the feed out of her profits. This is more of a money management project for my daughter than it is a profit making venture for me!

#66950 - 04/19/06 12:13 PM Re: Egg Costs
J. Henderson Offline
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Two factors to consider: supply and demand plus your reason for selling eggs (or is that three reasons?).

If you can find people willing to buy a dozen eggs for $5, or, rather, if you can convince them that they should pay that much because your eggs are farm-fresh, full of Omega-3, and superior in taste, quality, health benefit, and the chickens they came from were uncaged and free range, and their supplemental feed contains no animal proteins, fats, or by-products, plus by buying from you they are improving the local economy, your community's quality of life, and in general are taking steps toward saving the planet [Marketing 101], by all means, do sell them for $5. However, if you are overrun with eggs and can't get rid of them at $3 or $2 or even $1.50, you may have to sell them for a buck. Your eggs are a better product than factory-produced eggs sold in a supermarket, so you should charge more than the supermarket does.

Your reason for selling, however, must be a factor as well. If you are raising chickens for fun, you can look at it as an expensive hobby. Any eggs you sell then becomes a matter of others helping you defraying the cost of your hobby.

If you are actually trying to make money, and especially if you enjoy the marketing and business aspects of selling eggs, then you need to calculate what it costs you to raise and feed the chickens and how many eggs are produced, and then go out and charge what will make you at least a small profit. If it costs you an average of $60 a month in feed and overhead expenses, and your hens on average lay a dozen eggs a day, you would have to charge $2 a dozen just to break even -- and that's if you are able to sell all the eggs.

Where you sell them makes a difference too. If you are selling them at a road side stand, where people will not bother to stop without a good reason, you might get one price. If you take them to an farmers market, where people congregate for the purpose of buying natural food products, you can expect another, higher price. If you are selling them to friends and neighbors, you may not wish to charge as much.

We sell ours for $2. We lose money. We charge a good bit more than the grocery store does for its cheap eggs, but much less than they charge for Eggland's Best and organic eggs. Egg sellers in the local farmers market charge $3 and more, but we are selling to friends and co-workers.

When we were still selling eggs at $1.50 a couple years ago, some of our customers insisted on paying us more. That convinced us it was time to increase the price.

#66951 - 04/19/06 02:54 PM Re: Egg Costs
Aet Hippie Offline

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Wow, lots of replies. Well, I understand what a lot of you are saying about better quality = worth more money, but I guess you also have to take into consideration your location. People around here dont make as much money, so things are cheaper, therefore some would probably not agree to something as high as $5, but you never know. Any profits i get, i am going to use to take care of my chickens, but i am also using it as a means of profit, even its its only a little bit. (I am saving it for a trip to the U.K. in my senior year.) Also have to realize that this is 'supposed' to be a business, because it is my SAE(Supervised Agricultural Experience) for FFA(Future Farmers of America), and i want to get a good grade. so I guess i'll just have to find out how much people are willing to pay.

I was thinking $2 at first, then my mom says, no, $1, and I was going to make no

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