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#66962 - 05/03/06 01:20 PM Re: Egg Costs

I sell mine for $3.50 a dozen. Commercial white eggs in the store cost $1 and it makes sense to charge a bit more for a more "premium" product. When I used to charge less, people acted surprised and thought I was charging them too low.

A local farm sells their eggs in the store for $5 a dozen and market them as fresh. People love it! (I'm in Hawaii, if that matters)

My customers, neighbors, friends and family give me all their egg cartons.

#66963 - 08/07/06 07:15 AM Re: Egg Costs
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We have some amish up here in Wisconsin that you can buy eggs from for only 50 cent a dozen. That's a good deal! I imagine you could get at least $1 a dozen as long as they aren't cracked and are clean. Good Luck, sillygoose4ever!

#66964 - 08/11/06 10:06 AM Re: Egg Costs
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I sell my eggs to the local All natural grocery store. They pay $2.50 and sell for $3-3.50 or so. I usually sell about 6 doz a week. I have 22 layers (3 roosters) so they usually pay for themselves. I got the chickens just for the fresh eggs ourselves and they are just so cute and fun to raise. 25 birds was the min. I could order at once and didn't want to wait for the order at the feed store in the spring. In the future I would have less, but I will never be without aleast a few chickens EVER laugh

#66965 - 08/11/06 08:51 PM Re: Egg Costs
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we sell our organis free range eggs for $3 per dozen (canadian). we could charge $4. the battery eggs in the store here are about $4 so i guess we could really charge $5. i guess it all depends on were you live and wether people realize how much better home raised eggs taste lol.

#66966 - 08/15/06 08:12 PM Re: Egg Costs
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I only sell mine for $1.00. I should charge more but that price pretty much covers the cost of chicken feed and shavings. I'm not out to make a profit but to cover the cost of my hobby. I have some regular customers now, but before, I wouldn't always sell my eggs out at my Sat egg stand, especially in bad weather or in winter.
I'm a teacher so I get free egg carton donations from students. HOWEVER, one summer I was short. I ended up paying a fortune on cartons through a catalog. (Anyone interested in buying like 80 cartons at a discount?)
What's interesting is that my 3 regular customers are not native to this country. Two families are Mexican (most likely illegal) and the others are an elderly Austrian immigrant couple.

#66967 - 08/15/06 11:07 PM Re: Egg Costs
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While doing research ,came across information saying it takes 4 pounds of feed to produce a dozen eggs. I was surprised by that, seemed high.

#66968 - 08/16/06 02:07 AM Re: Egg Costs
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I have been keeping records of eggs laid, versus feed costs for quite a few years. I cost out the eggs at 50 cents each which is just a little below what free-range organic eggs fetch in most of our supermarkets. Of course battery eggs are cheaper but they are yucky to eat and I never buy them. So far my costs average out evenly over 12 months. If I sell the extras, I always ask $3.00 a half dozen, but most of the time they feed extended family and in return the family helps out with something towards the feed, or they bake us cakes which we don't have time to do.

#66969 - 08/16/06 02:30 PM Re: Egg Costs
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i sell my eggs for $1.25 a dozen. .25 cents covers the egg cartons. a friend of mine was selling his for $2.00 a dozen. he got me into chickens. now he doesnt raise chickens anymore. i get 40+ eggs a day.

#66970 - 08/16/06 05:31 PM Re: Egg Costs

People are funny. I used to have Easter Egg mutts, and had no luck selling the blue/green eggs at the local farmer's market. People thought they were rotten, or had something "wrong" with them and refused to accept them (at ANY price). I tried explaining that the color is only on the shell, due to the breed of the hen, and that the taste & color of the contents were dice.

But the market here is a flop for selling eggs anyway. I'll sell my extras for $1 a doz to my neighbors once in a while, but at the farmer's market, people would balk at $1 a doz. Most of the time people would ask me why they weren't as cheap as at the store (55 cents at the time)- well duh, the feed ain't free and neither are the eggs. (These were the same twits who would gladly pay outrageous prices for home-raised produce.)

Needless to say, I culled my layer flock (just have a few bantams and ducks now) and quit trying to sell eggs altogether. What I don't use, I boil, smash & feed right back to the birds.

#66971 - 08/16/06 05:47 PM Re: Egg Costs
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It really varies. My husband's co-workers go crazy for our eggs and right now we're charging $2/dozen and requesting they return the cartons. Most comply with that. I sell some for $1/dozen to neighbors, who are really friends, so I'm just trying to be fair with store prices for them. But the vast majority go with my husband to work and when he shows up empty-handed, they BEG. We're actually increasing our laying flock right now, just due to the demand at his job. He said they are driving him nuts so we had to get more hens going! LOL!

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