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#67126 - 12/09/03 09:19 AM Re: Is there a good dog breed for chickens?

We were the ones that were turned away from the pound because we were looking for a "farm dog." As soon as the words were out of my mouth you could feel a chill in the air! So many nice dogs there, that someone gave up on.

I will have to say ... when our dog went missing for several days during hunting season (gunfire scared her)... the pound did a very good job getting a description of her and keeping an eye out for her. We did locate the dog on our own, however.

IF anything happens to her, we might well consider a great pyrhenee (sp!)


#67127 - 12/09/03 05:49 PM Re: Is there a good dog breed for chickens?
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German Shepherds are a herding breed, the ones we had were not 100% reliable around chickens. A lot of the American ones are bred so sloped in the rear, they tend to have back/hip problems. It may look "pretty" to some, but it's a waste of a good working breed. The problem with shelters adopting out farm dogs - that's why you want to check out breed rescues, they should understand the breed traits better & not be so "one size fits all". I run a pair of Anatolian Shepherds (a bit like a shorter coated Pyrenees) with my flocks of poultry & sheep, & don't have to worry about predators. We have big cats in our area (cougars & bobcats) so llamas & donkeys wouldn't work here. I've used livestock guardian dogs for 20 years now. Here's a site about the LGD breeds:

#67128 - 12/11/03 02:14 AM Re: Is there a good dog breed for chickens?
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If you're looking for a guard for your livestock, your best bet is to get a dog from a breeder who breeds livestock guardian dogs. The pups learn from the parents while growing up with the stock. If your stock is different than what the dog grew up with, the breeder will work with you to train the dog to your stock.

The dogs live with the stock 24/7. You really can't have close neighbors since the dogs may bark a good part of the night ~ their first warning to any predator.

As you've seen, many of us have dog breeds supposedly not good for guardians. My dog tears out of the doggie door whenever a chook cackles. The dog cleans the inside of the sheep's ears. -Yuck!- Nothing better get near HER critters! She's the prefered one of my house duck who sleeps with her beak on the nose or a paw of the dog. The dog's an American Pit Bull Terrier.

#67129 - 12/20/03 01:04 AM Re: Is there a good dog breed for chickens?
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Our ( and I think most) german Shepherd has had the "shepherd" bred out of them in favour of the protective qualities that they are reknowned for. Ours has taken a number of chooks and ducks and even after an intensive course of aversion therapy still puts his jaws around a bird if he thinks no one is looking. He is now on his last chance before he gets snipped(haven't decided whether he will get an anesthetic yet) or a new home. one thing going for him though, he's a better mouser than the cat!

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