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#67459 - 08/19/05 06:57 PM chickens eating eggs

i have a couple of chickens that are pecking the eggs and breaking them is there a way to stop that

#67460 - 08/19/05 07:03 PM Re: chickens eating eggs

They are eating the shell because they need calcium. You need to give them oyster shells in a seperate dish. Toss some on the ground for them at first. They will stop breaking eggs when they get the oyster shells.

#67461 - 08/19/05 07:12 PM Re: chickens eating eggs
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No...they are eating the eggs because they taste good. They will not stop if given oyster shell. You have to watch the chickens, see who is starting it and remove her. If the eggs keep getting broken watch again, see who starts it. Once you have all the ones who are starting it they may stop. Put wooden eggs in the nest boxes ASAP. They cant break them an will give up. Now if the eggs are thin shelled they are getting broken easily and they need oyster shell to help harden the eggs. they know soemthing tasty is inside the shell, that is why they are breaking them open, remove the culprits who are doing the breaking and it should stop.

#67462 - 08/19/05 08:14 PM Re: chickens eating eggs
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Golf balls also work as 'substitute' eggs.

#67463 - 08/21/05 08:15 PM Re: chickens eating eggs
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They are after something quite tasty. Thin shells make the problem worse so oyster shells will help with the thin shell problem.

Be sure the nests are bedded well to provide a cushion so eggs are accidentally broken/crushed.
J. Waller

#67464 - 08/22/05 02:09 AM Re: chickens eating eggs

I had this problem - if you type in 'egg eaters' in the search (top rh of this page) there's a lot of suggestions. I used them all - and the egg eating stopped. I think it was the golf balls mainly tho - they can't break them and it stops them trying.


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