Sounds like a lot of work for you. Do you do it just because you enjoy it?

We were still working and younger when we acquired all the dogs. They are aging and we will have a different situation in a few years.

Horses for 4-H are about the same route. The grand kids were transferred to another state and that made the horses obsolete. We held on and sold them slowly to really qualified homes and uses. We even got one movie star that came out with a spoiled brat of a child that really could care less about horses. They didn't buy.

When you are a grand parent and looking at a "neglected or under inspired grand kid" funny things happen. The horse lover at age 12 took grand champion at the local fair against all comers ages 11 to 18. I'm sure some of you did the same thing with other animals including chickens.

Take a visiting kid with spunk and help them get into 4-H with some of your chickens this spring.

I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was hungry and you gave me food, I was lonely and you gave me friends.