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#6805 - 11/18/02 07:07 AM 1 more subject heading needed
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I believe a miscellaneous or social topic heading would round out this site. It would keep these type posts segregayed to one area and unclutter the other topics. You know, a place for poultry jokes, how are ya,s and other non-specific chatter! By the way, I apologize for posting that stupid dog kills chook thread. They are redundant and only become a passioate issue. I was just mad.

#6806 - 11/18/02 08:29 AM Re: 1 more subject heading needed

Hi Rob. I agree with needing a new topic area for just everyday talk. Yesterday I was going to start a topic on how fast it got cold here and when I went out to my chicken pens how "puffed-up" all my chickens were. I figured that it would be "topic-less"(is that a word?lol) so decided not to post it. About your dog killin' chickens post.I dont think you should apologize for starting that thread. We have all been through problems with preditors and all understand how you feel. Even though we may not all agree on the measures each-other takes to deal with such critters at least we can voice our opinions without being attacked on this board. I think there is more of a respect factor here at the coop than there is at the other boards and that is what makes it such a good learning place! When you must take drastic measures to protect your flock it will always spark-up debate on what you should do and not do. The most important thing is what you feel you MUST do and be able to live with. I hope you can figure that out and be able to recover and keep the rest of your flock safe and warm!


#6807 - 11/18/02 09:55 AM Re: 1 more subject heading needed
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I couldn't agree more with everything that Nichole said.

#6808 - 11/18/02 01:58 PM Re: 1 more subject heading needed
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I was thinking of a topic area for how to use the board. Questions about "How To" make a URL link or post pics etc. A misc. topic area such as rob suggested would work well for that.


#6809 - 11/18/02 08:56 PM Re: 1 more subject heading needed
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I would be game for that.

#6810 - 11/19/02 12:08 PM Re: 1 more subject heading needed
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Yes, a topic for topic-less subjects would be nice. laugh

#6811 - 11/19/02 02:31 PM Re: 1 more subject heading needed

I agree!! smile


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