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#68397 - 08/28/07 10:48 PM Re: We have a hawk hanging out
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=== What would your dog do if a hawk was sitting on the fence?

Being on acreage, the dog wouldn't see that far away! If she did, she take off barking and chasing. If she happened to catch it, oh well, no more hawk! The dog's good at her job!

#68398 - 08/28/07 11:23 PM Re: We have a hawk hanging out
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They haven't been attacked (to my knowledge) by a hawk so is this some inherent quality or what? Chris
I'm certain it is inherent. My hens have never seen a hawk but they certainly react with that "growling" noise if a large bird flys over. Most we get here is seagulls and the hens react to them too. Had one on the roof of my house recently eating a crust of bread it had spotted on someone's lawn. Hens were hysterical, but of course it is no threat to them.
We don't have a lot of problems with birds of prey. We have a native kestrel that is the bane of pidgeon racers here, and an Australian Harrier Hawk which can cause some trouble in the countryside, but they mainly feast on frogs or road kill, so they are more or less oportunistic.

We have Australian magpies too and anywhere they are, a hawk will not stray, as they gang up and chase the hawks away. Magpies can be a bit of a nuisense during breeding season though as they will dive bomb people if they pass near a nest.

#68399 - 08/28/07 11:51 PM Re: We have a hawk hanging out
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Hello Foehn,

Most we get here is seagulls and the hens react to them too.
Now THIS is surprising to me!

Our birds do not warn from House Martin (Delichon urbica) or Mallard (Anas platyrhynchos) aka. "wild ducks" for example, but they warn when they see a falcon. Since the falcon is between the 2 fromer in size it cannot be the size only that helps the chickens differ the predators from harmless birds, uh? Just thinking out loud and wondering...;-)

Interesting thread, best greetings,


#68400 - 08/29/07 03:13 AM Re: We have a hawk hanging out
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my dog chases the hawks. he runs around barking at them and that does not make for good hunting for them,but he is getting old now and will only do it when i call hawk.

i keep birds in until 9am in the morning. if one is hunting i try to keep them in so it cannot get a taste of chicken. i like my birds to witness a hawk attack so they do not become complacent. all hawks are a danger that the birds must learn.

windy dark drizzling days are the worst for hawks hanging around. never let a hawk learn to attack birds otherwise they will hang around until you have no choice to kill them.

when there is no sound that often means native birds or poultry making everyday sounds.

i clap my hands when i think there is a hawk around until i see him fly and then chase it off.

just a few tips.

#68401 - 08/29/07 06:04 AM Re: We have a hawk hanging out
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My birds have learned to pay attention to the alarm sounds of the crows, it's pretty neat. They start looking toward the skies when they hear the crows chasing some hawk and they are ready to make a dash for the coop if needed.

#68402 - 09/04/07 01:32 PM Re: We have a hawk hanging out
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Susie, this time of year young eagles are getting their dark feathers around here and will not bother the chickens. Hope you can get a picture for us to see. Falcons are my worst winged enemy.

#68403 - 09/14/07 01:44 PM Re: We have a hawk hanging out
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When I went home for lunch yesterday, I heard a commotion in the chicken run. I looked out the window and saw a juvenile Cooper's Hawk actually on the ground in the run. When I ran outside, my rooster was running at him, and he flew up on the fence post. He was looking down at my Old English Bantam hen and her two young ones. They were hollering & hiding. I, along with my trusted but blind bloodhound, shooed the hawk away.

Well today, again, at lunch, the same Cooper's hawk showed up in the heavy rain (good news from remnants of Humberto). I run the same hawk off again. All the chickens were riled up, but my Buckeye rooster and my big hens were not afraid of him. My little OEG bantam is clearly his target (or the two young ones). I think the Cooper's Hawk probably hasn't caught one of the three because he is just a juvenile and not an experienced hunter.

Maybe your hawk, Susie, was a Cooper's Hawk. The juvenile has a streaked white breast, brown back, slender in build and about the size of a small crow. He is clearly wanting chicken for lunch. I just think the young hawk couldn't lift a grown std size hen out of the run without a confrontation from all the other big birds. He's trying to catch one of the smaller ones if it ventures from the flock! CHRIS

#68404 - 09/15/07 07:38 AM Re: We have a hawk hanging out
Susie Offline
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Scary, Chris!

Well, I don't know for sure what mine is, but for now, he's hanging around from a bit of a distance. I think my husband managed to scare him off, but I am keeping a watchful eye. Red-tailed hawks are very common around here. I'm not sure about the Cooper's, and much of the time I see them at quite a distance so who knows what type.

Thankfully, when we have young chicks here, they have a way to access the barn and then be outside in a fenced enclosure with a roof overhead. But still, this deal unnerved me a bit. We have been so lucky (knock on wood) with the predator situation over the years. We live in a house now where neighbors just 1/2 mile or less down the road have said they haven't had success in keeping chickens due to predators. We're lucky and careful, and maybe they weren't, but I'm always keeping an eye out for a problem, that's for sure.

#68405 - 09/17/07 02:09 PM Re: We have a hawk hanging out
Jrsygntbrdr1 Offline
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Hey Susie,

We have the same problem right now. The birds will not leave our house. We were told that there was a nest nearby, but that does not explain why there are six birds hanging around our house! Also, apparently our birds are a little more bold.

We have a dog-poo pen that is only six feet wide and is connected right to the back porch of the house. We have a red-shouldered or red-tailed hawk that will sit on the fence post nearest to the house. Then, when you walk outside (not being able to see him because of the view of the house) he will fly right over your head.

If they have decided to stay up front for the day you better watch out! My dad was working in my car and bent over. As I heard the call of the hawk I looked over and the bird snatched a squirrel off of the branch and flew inches above my car, only 2 feet away from me and only centimeters from where my dad came back out of the car! We haven't named them yet, but they don't bother our chickens at all. I do sometimes worry about the shih tzu puppy we have...Therefore, she is in our arms at all times when we go outside!

Hopefully yours won't go this far! Oh, and running at them with a broom in hand does NOT help the situation!


#68406 - 09/17/07 07:35 PM Re: We have a hawk hanging out
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Wow, Mikaela! You actually saw it snatch a squirrel? Yikes! Now I have to hope for no squirrel casualties either, as I only have a couple of those in the yard and I depend on them to help me clean up the nasty black walnuts. LOL!
Maybe it's the time of year. There is plenty of hawk bait in the pastures that surround me. They better stay out of my yard. Ugh.

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