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#68407 - 09/18/07 03:28 AM Re: We have a hawk hanging out
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i see mine fly off with screaming chickens. when i don't have a gun they laugh at me, even when i clap my hands. when i have gun...they are no where to be seen. i feel like a guard watching my flock. locking them up tight at night.

i have got so used to listening to the warning signs that even if i am in a large city i jump at other birds warning calls. i am scanning the skys, watching the trees.

today i keep thinking i need a less stressful life. but because i am alert i see alot others don't see.

if i found a hawk eating one of my birds would i run for the gun first or the camera? well i haven't got a hawk eating its prey in my collection yet so it would be the camera. but they are taking at least a chick a day at the moment and i am getting very weary.

#68408 - 09/18/07 07:07 AM Re: We have a hawk hanging out
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I always feel a bit silly running out of the house doing my best crow impersonation when I happen to see the hawks flying around. I don't know if does any good, but I want them to know that these chickens are guarded.

We regularly see bald eagles, red-tailed hawks, broad-winged hawks, marsh hawks, merlins and kestrels. So far so good. I sure wish I could see one of them scoop up a squirrel - that is so neat! It's a fine line between love and hate. I absolutely love seeing these birds, love to hear them screeching in the sky, love them eating rodents - but don't even think about flying off with a chicken!!

#68409 - 09/18/07 08:43 PM Re: We have a hawk hanging out
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Wow amazing stories! They are beautiful creatures- in the neighbor's yard!
We also have 4 this year which means next year 5 or 6
Keep a gun loaded by the door too, but mostly my dogs actually go crazy with barking which brings me out to join

I did read on this topic 2 years ago about Tin Foil Streamer's, birds of all sorts don't like these, they work well with the starlings, I believe they work really well with owls but don't know about that first hand.
but you will need a little wind which is def not a problem in our state

Good Luck and Stay Low

#68410 - 09/19/07 02:13 PM Re: We have a hawk hanging out
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Our neighbor down the road actually seen a hawk pick up his little dog. The hawk was only able to carry it a hundred feet or so, and then the hawk dropped it. I don't know if it was to heavy or what, but regardless, the dog was killed. In Michigan it is illegal to shoot hawks, eagles, or owls, even if they are doing damage to livestock. Of coarse many people believe in the three S's Todd

#68411 - 09/19/07 02:37 PM Re: We have a hawk hanging out
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There's been much debate on the topic of shooting birds of prey. I am not trying to offend anyone or start an argument. Again, I will say that it is a violation of federal law to kill a bird of prey (Federal Migratory Bird Act) unless you have a specific permit to do so.

Also,some states have their own laws protecting birds of prey [allowing the possibility of being prosecuted in one or both a state and/or federal court]. Some species fall under the federal Endangered Species Act too. Ignorance of these laws is not a legal defense.

Enforcement of these laws, of course, is up to each local state or federal authority. I am sure, like some other laws, enforcement is selective and varies widely depending on the local authority's desires, whims, culture and ideas. CHRIS

#68412 - 09/20/07 05:17 AM Re: We have a hawk hanging out
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Yes, and it's even illegal to have anything from one of these protected birds.

I once found a whole, dead golden eagle in the Gates of the Mountains area in Montana. No marks on it at all from what I could see, not like it was shot out of the sky. It's been about 10 years and I still have the two long feathers I pulled from one wing. I might not do the same thing today, but that was then and that's what I did for a "keepsake" from this beautiful bird. It's crossed my mind that someday, somewhere those two feathers might put me in jail. I have them in a glass bottle in a "feather bouquet" along with some hawk and wild turkey feathers I've found.

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