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#68737 - 02/11/04 02:37 PM Are my chickens playing tricks on me ?
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Ok I didnt know where to post this, but I thought it was worth asking. For over a week now I thought my chickens were eating there eggs, and even posted a question about it here. But today I found days and days worth of eggs all hidden in two nests behind some cypress trees in my back yard. These were all eggs from different birds, as my birds all lay different colors and shades of eggs, two were even tiny new eggs from a young pullet of mine. Did they all collectively just decide they didnt want me getting there eggs any more? Or am I giving them too much credit for being smart? :rolleyes: Why would all my birds decide to lay eggs elsewhere at once?

#68738 - 02/11/04 02:49 PM Re: Are my chickens playing tricks on me ?

NO your not giving them too much credit for being smart, I recon they are pretty darned clever myself.
My girls all lay their eggs in the one spot, and because of the design of my coop, I had to teach them to go up top to the nesting boxes.
I put an egg and straw in an old drawer, and slowly day by day shifted the draw higher and higher till it was up top. (appx 5')
We have little ladders, and a ramp for the girls, pretty clever aren't they!!! laugh

#68739 - 02/11/04 08:31 PM Re: Are my chickens playing tricks on me ?
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I have always thought it was a hoot that a hen, who is cackling and bragging about the egg she has already laid or getting ready to lay, could draw so much attention from the others in the flock. I have 5 hens that will literally sit atop another hen on the nest to lay in the same nest!! LOL It is the nature of the beast. It is also customary for the hens to protect their future babies so they hide their nests. By taking all the eggs away from those spots, shutting them up for a few days and leaving a dummy egg in the nests they start in the pen, you will most likely re-train them.

#68740 - 02/22/04 11:04 AM Re: Are my chickens playing tricks on me ?

We also don't put our chickens out to free range until around noon each day. We generally get more eggs in the nest and less in the field that way. Although, having an easter egg hunt every day can be fun too.



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