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#68788 - 03/20/07 07:15 AM Hoover hatchery in Iowa

Has anyone gotten chicks from Hoover hatchery in Rudd, Iowa? I just ordered 25 Gold Stars and 5 Buff Orpinton's and out of 35 chicks 5 were alive when they got to me. frown I was just sick, not because of the money, that's secondary, but that they shipped these chicks late in the day and had to sit on the cold docks of 2 seperate post office buildings. This hatchery is 3 1/2 hours from us and I was pretty surprised that they weren't to me in one day. I've ordered plenty of chicks through the mail and this is the first time I've lost any chicks at all, let alone 30 of them at once. I decided to order from this hatchery because they had production hens that other hatcheries within my area were already sold out of for March. Never again. mad
Also, got a batch of bantam hatching eggs from Ideal, not very happy with that purchase, only a couple are fertile, and I have a batch from someone else in this bunch and have 90% fertility rate on those after candling. I contacted Ideal before I bid to make sure that the ship date I needed would be possible, they assured me it would, then reminded them when I placed the order, again when I paid for my auction, then they send me an e-mail with a totally different ship date than the one that was agreed to before I bid. Not a seamless transaction. Has anyone else had this problem with these hatcheries, or is these just isolated incindents? confused

#68789 - 03/20/07 05:39 PM Re: Hoover hatchery in Iowa
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I feel so bad you had problems. My last years chicks came from Hoover all were healthy and are all still alive except for the ones taken by predators. My delivery was about a month later than yours so it was warmer when they were shipped which may have helped.

#68790 - 03/21/07 08:18 AM Re: Hoover hatchery in Iowa

Ron L,
I'm glad I might be an isolated incident, I couldn't believe it when I got them. I've just never had that happen, not even one dead chick in the past from other hatcheries. I'm expecting some replacements, they will be shipping today, crossing my fingers that all goes well this time. I will say they were very quick to return my call on a Sat morning when I received them and try to make it right. I was just upset that they had sent them so late in the day. The warmer weather this week won't hurt either. They said they take them to the Minneaplis airport, so maybe your closer to their standard delivery route.

#68791 - 03/21/07 09:42 AM Re: Hoover hatchery in Iowa
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Kelly, is there any way for you to pick up the chicks along the way? Here, I am able to get mine at the distribution center. If I waited for them to get to ME, it would add at least an extra day. So I drive half an hour or so and pick them up, and at the point they have been in P.O. hands for less than 24 hours.

Just a thought. Good luck with this next order!

#68792 - 03/21/07 09:58 AM Re: Hoover hatchery in Iowa

That is a good thought. I did ask the P.O. to the north of us in Madison if I could pick them up there, but they hadn't received them yet. I left my phone numbers and told them if they came in to give me a call. It's about an hour away, but I agree with you and it would be better to drive a little distance and avoid another night in a cold dock area.
Thanks for the tip.


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