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#69295 - 11/24/06 06:42 AM Sound deter Hawk?
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Someone told me there is something that emits a sound that keeps hawks away from chickens.
Any truth in that?

We are working on our new coop at our farm.
We will have every predator possible.
And I know freeranging is impractical/they have always freeranged in the city.

Would this work: getting a baseball netted long and kinda wide batting cage?
Anyone tried it. Just for the daytime/they would be in coup around 6:00pm til the am.

#69296 - 11/28/06 05:05 PM Re: Sound deter Hawk?
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One item I read said that loud noises will deter hawks. I think it may have to be a shot-type or explosive-type noise to have any effect. One thing that people do to keep pest birds away is to play a recording of a hawk. The starlings and/or pigeons stay away. I dont know how territorial hawks are, but if you can find a cheap enough CD, it might be worth playing on a cheap player on endless loop. The bad part is that the hens may get used to the noise, and then ignore an actual hawk call. Or, it may bring hawks in -- the call may mean "Here's food!"
Another idea was to put up a flashing light. The one person used a red one, and put old CDs around it to reflect it upward.
Just some things I found in the past on the web. Dunno how useful they might be.
btw, our resident Hawk pair is not afraid of people making any amount of noise, so a radio or similar would definitely not be a deterrent. I am lucky because they really only come near the hens for about 3-4 weeks a year -- I suspect (but don't know) that this is when they have a brood themselves, and are hunting constantly.

#69297 - 12/01/06 02:35 PM Re: Sound deter Hawk?
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Hello Rack,

You say a farm, so it sounds like plenty of space to me, just a thought: get a dog;-) Or a few dogs, they mark their territory and they can be trained to protect your birds. There are posts about this in The Coop, but i forgot the terms to look for, sorry. The Germnan terms would be Wachhund/Schutzhund/Hirtenhund.

Due to light/sound-pollution caused by humans i doubt (smart) predators would be scared away by artificial deterrents(?) nowadays.

Hope it helps,

best greetings,



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