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#69357 - 12/13/06 01:42 PM Hen kills and eats mouse.....?????
Loveful Heights Offline

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I was watching my flock today when I heard a squeak from inside the coop. Suddenly one of my hens ran out with a full grown mouse clutched in her beak. I watched as she ran past all the other hens to a secluded spot where she swallowed the mouse whole. Has anyone ever seen or heard of this? I was amazed. I never thought of hens as mouse eaters.
Mud Foot Farm, Amelia Ohio

#69358 - 12/13/06 02:27 PM Re: Hen kills and eats mouse.....?????
Ron L. Offline

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One of my hens did the same thing except she did'nt eat it whole. It was funny watching her play keep away from all the others.

#69359 - 12/13/06 02:56 PM Re: Hen kills and eats mouse.....?????
Speckled Hen Offline
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Mine were looking at something on the ground one day so I went to investigate. It was a tiny mouse, just a young one, crawling through the leaves like it didn't know it was supposed to run. They each would grab its tail and toss it around until finally we took it away from them and put it out in the woods. I didn't have the heart to watch them torture it to death!

#69360 - 12/13/06 03:25 PM Re: Hen kills and eats mouse.....?????

oh they will just eat anything huh!? :p i seen mine chase after a chickmunk one time! it got away under the shed.

#69361 - 12/13/06 11:50 PM Re: Hen kills and eats mouse.....?????
Foehn Offline
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A friend of mine had a hand reared wild mallard which caught and killed sparrows.

#69362 - 12/14/06 05:07 AM Re: Hen kills and eats mouse.....?????
Oakie Offline
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I lifted up a bucket one day and out shot two mice. My Cochin hen grabbed itand smacked it on the ground three or four times. It was still moving and she carried it to the waterer and dumped it in until it drowned. I wuld have gotten it away from her but she's mean and I thought she might try and dunk me a few times. She didn't eat it though. That's some good protein though. I still to this day will find a mouse in the waterer once in a while.

#69363 - 12/14/06 07:54 AM Re: Hen kills and eats mouse.....?????
CJR Offline
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It is just possible that there would be no mouse problem in poultry houses, if chickens could see at night! CJR

#69364 - 12/14/06 09:03 AM Re: Hen kills and eats mouse.....?????
Tajsj Offline

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Yep. Seen mine do it several times. Swallowed them whole. Was shocked the first time I saw it. Didn't know chickens could choke down something that size. They seem to even enjoy eating them as if they were a treat.
T. W.

#69365 - 12/14/06 03:40 PM Re: Hen kills and eats mouse.....?????
Alisha in CA Offline

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My chickens love mice. They steal them from the cats as well as catch them themselves. I've also seen them catch lizards too. Yuk!

#69366 - 12/15/06 05:25 PM Re: Hen kills and eats mouse.....?????
Sunni Ten Offline
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I once watched my entire flock chase after one hen that had caught a mouse. I didn't stick around to watch the outsome. Like someone else said, too bad hens don't hunt at night.

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