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#69732 - 02/16/06 02:41 PM Aggressive pullet
TWT Offline

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Just curious. Anyone every had to deal with an aggressive young hen. Every night I take care of the birds and this one hen just pecks me every chance she gets. I've handled her like the others who are much like pets, but not her. This A.M. she really came at me like a rooster. Her chest stuck out, head back and she flogged me...more than once. I just picked her up and carried her for while. All the others (Black Aussies)are fine. One thing, she is low in the pecking order,very low. Oh well, just thought it was an interesting developement. -Todd

#69733 - 02/16/06 03:30 PM Re: Aggressive pullet
Jrsygntbrdr1 Offline
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Yeah, I have 2 hens like that. Eventually, as they get older, they will find new things to do with their time, but they will get easier to care for as they get older. But, I'd watch out, because they do still like to peck a bit, and if you're not careful, they'll think that your boots or shoes are attacking them and they'll fight your shoes!

#69734 - 02/16/06 04:19 PM Re: Aggressive pullet
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I have an Ancona pullet who attacked my hand like she was a Roo...made me question if maybe she was a he since I hadn't seen an egg!! She is laying now but hasn't mellowed much. She follows me and comes at me daily, but if I turn around, she runs. I just grin and bear it. Think they are just trying to make up for their low status in the pecking order. My RIR was at the very bottom, but after going after my dog, she quickly moved up!!!


#69735 - 02/16/06 04:42 PM Re: Aggressive pullet
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I've got a Buff Orpington hen who lost her wings when she was a chick. She is the orneriest hen! She'll attack your feet if you are not paying attention. You'd think all the times I've had to upright her, she'd be appreciative. :rolleyes:

#69736 - 02/18/06 09:02 PM Re: Aggressive pullet
Sarah B. Offline

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TWT, Yes,I have two Spangled Old English hens that are ornery. They are the only two in the cage and they get along great. So,there is no bottom of the pecking order for them. They will attack my hand unmercifully if I stick in their pen to pet them. Funny, if I go to catch them they don't usually attack me. I found that catching them right after one of them attacks me will put out their fire. I think their attitude is genetic. They are sisters and their brother is the same way. Ornery Girls!!!

Sarah ~:>
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#69737 - 03/15/06 10:41 AM Re: Aggressive pullet

I had one young Australorp lady who would peck the dickens out of my feet when I went out - until I started bringing her treats when I came to see her. She has a love of grapes and greens now. I come out and she runs to me and if she does NOT peck my feet I will hand her the treat and she runs off to eat it before the others realize she has something. I think hers was more of an attention issue than anything else.

#69738 - 03/18/06 10:02 AM Re: Aggressive pullet
Karla Offline

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i have an australorp rooster who is at the bottom of the pecking order and has recently shown some agression. its weird though because when i got him, he was so gentle and mellow. hes still the same way when i pick him up, but sometimes, when i go to give him his food, he attacks me with beak and spurs. i like ChikkChikk's idea that it may be an attention issue. me guy lives separate from the flock because he gets picked on by my bantys so bad. i put some hens in with him during the day to keep him company, but he could just be wanting attention.

#69739 - 03/19/06 12:49 PM Re: Aggressive pullet
Sunni Ten Offline
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I have 34 hens of different breeds and one (rhode island red) is very aggressive. No matter where I am in the yard, she's always near me, watching and waiting. ha! And I'm the one who feeds her! But if I bend down to get something, she's on me! But she has a lot of personality and character. She's very protective of her flock.

#69740 - 03/19/06 03:36 PM Re: Aggressive pullet

Sunni Ten, I have heard that about RIRs though - they tend to be pickers.

#69741 - 03/19/06 04:51 PM Re: Aggressive pullet
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Sunni Ten, I have 19 RIR pullets and don't have any problems with them. I also have 7 mixed breeds in with them and I rarely see any aggression what so ever. Just every now and then someone will peck one if they get in the way of my sticking a treat through the fence. They have never tried to peck or attach me. In fact, when I go in their pen to feed them every day they run up to me and follow me every step of the way to where they eat. They are 9 months old now and have all grown up tgether. I now have 6 Barred Rocks that at some point I would like to mix in with them, but I don't know if that will work or not.

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