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#70058 - 03/16/08 12:39 PM Re: What to do about NAIS ?
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Remember Wisconsin already has a form of NAIS all farms must be registered and have a no. even if you have one cow or chicken. There also thinking of having people raido tag every animal you have, but if you are a big producer you can get a way with a whole group. Not every animal. Can you see taging every chicken you have.

#70059 - 03/16/08 01:43 PM Re: What to do about NAIS ?
Bill Offline
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I believe the electronic tracking ID thinking has disappeared.

JEAN - I'm beginning to think we should give them exactly what they ask for, when they are up their eyeballs in paperwork, maybe they will realize just what a dumb idea this really is.

#70060 - 03/16/08 02:41 PM Re: What to do about NAIS ?
Foehn Offline
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Blackdotte, it may be closer than you think. New Zealand has already adopted a cattle and other livestock tagging procedure where the animal is slaughtered for meat. There are some good reasons for this. 1. Herds tested and accredited to be TB free can move freely around the country. Paperwork has to go with them in the form of a declaration of statis. Until recently deer farmers did not have to test for TB and there has been a resurgence in this disease partly because deer graze the bushline, and possums are now proven carriers of this disease. They contaminate the pasture at the bushline.
2. Animals sent for slaughter have to be free of pesticides and antibiotics etc., as often they end up as export meat. In a recent case, a Kumeu farmer was prosecuted for sending contaminated meat for slaughter. Alarm bells started ringing when this was found in routine testing. Where? In Korea, where the meat ended up, yet it could be traced all the way back to the farmer who admitted the contamination. This is a good thing if it prevents growers from practises which might have a bearing on the health of consumers, no matter whether local or international. It also has the potential to devastate the export meat industry.

The downside can be how it affects the small growers. When regulations require licenses or consultants which have to be paid for, it penalizes small growers out of existence. This has been a problem for small freerange egg producers, because it costs too much for the annual license to have a consultant tell producers that they handle eggs safely. (SMP (Safe management practise))Of course this is well supported by battery egg producers who can produce eggs cheaply, (never mind the cost to the poor hen) and unwelcome to free range small producers who cannot compete.
However I do not like having regulations imposed that undermine traditional ways of life. I love to be able to exchange a few eggs with a neighbour and get a jar of jam, or a homebaked loaf in return. I refuse to pay an annual license to be able to do that!
I do not call this civil disobedience. I call it defending my right to uphold traditional values.

#70061 - 03/16/08 05:33 PM Re: What to do about NAIS ?
D. Honour Offline
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I agree with so much said here on this thread. I grew up on a small farm and at the time did not really think how good the food was,the meat,milk,eggs,fruit and vegetables,jams breads,canned and frozen foods were tops. Today all we do is work to pay an ever increasing cost of living and the food we buy tastes like garbage.In a way at lease we know what good food tasted like,something the children today have no idea.

#70062 - 03/16/08 06:49 PM Re: What to do about NAIS ?
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(have a few NPIP questions, so decided to start a new topic)

#70063 - 03/16/08 08:21 PM Re: What to do about NAIS ?
Blackdotte Offline
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Hi Foehn, Yes we have trace back tagging of cattle,& sheep, etc for the same reasons. Also for disease control ie Yonnes etc , but tagging chicks as they hatch...having travel documents for a bird to go to a show ...a licence to give away a dozen eggs, or a bunch of carrots....come on.

#70064 - 03/20/08 04:33 PM Re: What to do about NAIS ?

My personal opinion is, and what I would personally do if I received one of those special little notices..... lickety split put it through the shredder and go have a bowl of ice cream. Your business is NONE of their business. If you opt out, you will be on their "list".

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