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#70065 - 02/14/04 06:56 AM egg eating and how to stop
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Hi ihave two brahmas hens and all of a sudden they stop laying i thought it was because i put new roosters in the pen but thats not it there eating. this moring i put golf balls in right after she layed and they tryed to eat them but now she is sitting on them. and could i put mustard in the real eggs or something that tasts bad.thanks

#70066 - 02/14/04 08:15 AM Re: egg eating and how to stop
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As far as I'm concerned, only three things help stop this: darkening the nests, using golf balls or something similar and collecting eggs as often as possible. On occasion, you might have a stubborn hen who has really developed a nasty habit. Some will remove them from the flock, but if you only have a couple, that's probably not a good option in your case.

You'll read a lot about putting hot pepper or hot sauce in a fake egg and letting them eat it, but the truth is, they can't taste hot things, so that's just an old wive's tale. Whether mustard or something which tastes "bad" will work, I don't know. I've never had to resort to that. I have a little egg eating going on right now myself, but nothing major, and I'm just working to collect them as often as possible. If that doesn't do the trick, I'll figure out who is the culprit and go from there.

Good luck!

#70067 - 02/14/04 07:51 PM Re: egg eating and how to stop
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I know that some will disagree with me, but, I had a hen that was not only an egg eater, she wouldn't quit "hen pecking" another hen also. I
didn't want to do her in as she was valuable to my flock, so I nipped off the very tip of her beak. Not enough to bleed but just enough that she didn't have a lethal weapon wink .
Whatever the case, she didn't eat any more eggs and the abuse of the others has stopped. She has never lost weight, condition OR her place in the flock....she is just much more pleasent to be around laugh


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