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#70208 - 01/05/07 07:12 PM Chicken Boarding?
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With the price of feed, I - like many of you, have been thinking of ways to recoup this cost.

I live 15 minutes from a city of 220,000. Could one offer to board a chicken (or chickens) to health-conscious city dwellers that would get a kick out of owning their own poultry and getting to eat healthier/tastier eggs?

Many ways this could be done ... could offer to free range and then split eggs up evenly based upon # of chickens owned per person divided by total # of free range chickens. Could also offer to have a small coop with small outside pen and keep that individuals bird(s) separate; those people get their own eggs. With all boarders, it would be their risk (not my liability) that their chicken may die of natural or unnatural causes due to the sheer nature of the 'chicken business'. Also, I could not guarantee the # of eggs that would be available.

I would feed/water twice a day for them, supply the feed and collect the eggs. Say $8 per month per chicken? Thoughts of disease cross my mind so could I require them to purchase their chicken from my own pullet supply to help alleviate this concern?

Husband says I'd do better to sell eggs direct to consumer. I wanted to bounce this off of you and see if anyone had tried something like this or if you agree that I'd be better off selling the eggs direct (which I've not done either). Thanks for your feedback!

#70209 - 01/05/07 07:19 PM Re: Chicken Boarding?
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I'd sell eggs. That sounds like a lot of hassle and lots of people tromping through your chicken yard all the time, if it even took off. My thought is to try selling your eggs first. See if you even have a market for special, healthier, fresher, MORE EXPENSIVE eggs and take it from there. I have lots of egg customers, but most of them don't want to participate in the process. Those that do, have done it in the past and gave it up for whatever reason - time, money, predators, etc. Check your state regulations for selling eggs, check into farmer's market possibilities if you want to go gung-ho, and see how it goes from there.

#70210 - 01/05/07 10:41 PM Re: Chicken Boarding?
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In my area someone did something similar with dairy goats. To get around selling milk without a grade A dairy set up I think.

They "leased" the goat to someone, milked & took care of it. For the price of "leasing" the people who leased the goat got the milk.

I think they actually did quite well financially. I used to own dairy goats so I got quite a chuckle out of it.


#70211 - 01/05/07 11:03 PM Re: Chicken Boarding?
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I boarded horses for a time. Short time. By choice. To much bull to put up with what you made. Can`t imagine what it would be like with chickens.Sell the eggs. Rog
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#70212 - 01/10/07 06:39 PM Re: Chicken Boarding?
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I have pet chooks/ducks (13 chooks/5 ducks) & I sell eggs at my workplace, $3.50 dozen (Australian money). There's huge demand & can't keep up... people love to buy a carton of different coloured eggs (white/brown/blue/green) of different sizes, and they also love the fact they are so fresh and laid by happy birds.

This week I sold 10 dozen eggs that were laid during the last 3 weeks while I was on holidays, plus I used plenty of eggs myself making lots of xmas custards etc. This $35 will pay for 2 x 20kg bags of feed (@ $17-50 per bag) which I need to buy this weekend, this food will last about another 3 weeks.

So it works out that the eggs pay for just about all the chook/duck feed. I also grow salad & herb greens just for the birds to eat, but I only buy seedlings & organic fertilizer twice a year so this cost is minimal. They also get veggie/rice/pasta/bread scraps which of course are free.
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#70213 - 01/17/07 11:20 PM Re: Chicken Boarding?

Chook you brought up a good point. McMurry Hatchery, I think it is, sells a grass seed I have never heard of expressly for chickens. I didn't know if that would be a good thing or not? Mine could free range grass and alfalfa hay anytime they wanted.

I was thinking of getting Speckled Sussex because we have such a hawk population here; especially the small kestrels that I donít think would bother a big bird but may go crazy for the chicks. But, I hear that if you want to eat the Speckled Sussex they are tough because they run so much. We have a fly problem that hatches out in the horse manure. I was hoping the Sussex would help control that end of the issue and that would pay for them all by itself.


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