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#70557 - 02/03/08 03:19 PM amount of food
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could anybody tell me what the average amount of chicken food a full grown hen needs every day {weight}.
i am trying to work out ifi am feeding them too much or too little and what it is costing me to keep them.
thanks for the help


#70558 - 02/03/08 03:45 PM Re: amount of food
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Mine have feed available all the time.
Rhea Dean

#70559 - 02/03/08 10:40 PM Re: amount of food
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Good Morning,

ISA Brown:
Average Egg Weight: 63.1 g
Hen Housed Eggs: 351
Average Feed Consumption per Day: 111 g
Feed Conversion: 2.14
Body Weight (80 wks): 2000 g
please keep in mind that this data is from birds bred for:
1.) high egg production
2.) low food consumption
for several years!

Also, this data is for mesh, not for whole grains! If you feed whole grains itīs about 10% more than if you feed mesh. Also, this data is for controlled housing with steady temps! Chickens eat around 1/3 more in winter than in summer if they have unheated coops. So an "average" hen eats more food than the data above, see? Hereīs the source:

I think including waste/extravagance/weather-influence one can calculate around 130-150 grams per day per bird.

Hope this helps and best greetings,


#70560 - 02/04/08 05:48 AM Re: amount of food
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Personally, I do not know how much each of our hens eat - and we have a very mixed flock so this would be difficult for me - but we know how much the group eats in a day. It definitely varies depending on the season, but within this is fairly consistant. We have a couple of flower pots we use as feed scoops and judge by "one pot 2X/day or 2 pots 2X/day" and whether or not we are feeding pellets, garden pests, they have access to grasses or not, or what ever the case may be. This all factors in as to how much feed we give them.

We just make sure there are multiple places for them to eat so everyone gets their share. And through observation, feed no more ( or much more ) than will be cleaned up by the time they put themselves in at night.

#70561 - 02/04/08 02:27 PM Re: amount of food
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I don't know how much mine eat either, especially individually. I know that when I started, it seemed to be about a cup a day for each but then they would waste some of it. I just kept putting out an amount that they all seemed to be finishing off but with a little left over.

Some probably eat more than others but like Upback, I keep feed in different places in the main run so nobody will go hungry.

In my breeding pen where I have the Cockerel & 3 hens, there is just one feed trough, but those hens were all raised together and almost never fight over food.

#70562 - 02/04/08 03:32 PM Re: amount of food
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I keep lay crumbles in front of my hens and rooster 24/7 - never outside where it will get wet or damp and mold. I use one of those hanging feeders - but I keep it on a stand instead of hanging it. I do not have any waste and I never worry about feed going bad. I fill the feeder as needed, usually about once every two weeks. I monitor my birds several times a day - I do not care how much they are consuming as they eat what they need depending on the time of year and temps outside. I also have oyster shells and grit free choice. I go through more oyster shell and just a bit of grit during the winter - when they are not outside in their pen where there is natural grit to pick up.

#70563 - 02/04/08 11:19 PM Re: amount of food
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Feed is always available here for the house pets, live largestock, and poultry.

The same breed of bird will eat feed differently depending how it's raised - roam free or confined. If you only feed feed, the birds will eat more than if they roam free or are fed stuff from your kitchen.

Not knowing how much each bird eats/day, you might figure by how long a bag of feed lasts.


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