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#70564 - 02/25/07 09:19 PM how to pinion a bird's wing?
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(Sorry if this is in the wrong place.)

How do you pinion a bird's wing? I was thinking about doing it when I order peachicks but not the first day , maybe the next day . Does it leave them in pain? What are all the tools I need?What part of the wing is cut off?Do I need to put any thing on the cut part after it's done? Any help would be great smile

#70565 - 02/26/07 12:40 AM Re: how to pinion a bird's wing?

#1 That is a surgical procedure (tendonotomy). Best odds are you will end up with a bunch of dead birds unless you are very qualified.

#2 Do you have any idea the problems you are letting yourself in for as a bird keeper? Not to mention the problems for the birds?

#3 Have you ever considered just doing flight feather trimming? It is far easier to manage birds this way.

#4 Cut your finger off and tell me if it hurts!

#70566 - 02/26/07 08:19 AM Re: how to pinion a bird's wing?
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Pionioning is removal of the last section of the wing, I feel its best done at as early an age as possible to cause the least stress. There is usually hardly any bleeding but the tip can be touched with some anti bleeding powder or even flour.
other means of pinioning are to clip the feathers, not always an option, or by use of a pinioning brail which must be alternated from wing to wing periodicaly.
Its a personal decision whether to do it or not, there is no right or wrong, just a personal choice. Make sure permanent pinioning suits your management, another method may be nore suited to your methods of bird management? I will pinion my next peafowl but I dont do the pheasants nor the ducks.


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