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#70646 - 08/30/05 06:53 AM Just a funny rescue story...

The other night my dad called me and said that a guy called and said that he had a rooster for me and wanted to deliver it the next day. I couldn't figure out who would give me a rooster since I just had some butchered because I had too many. Anyway, it turned out that this guy works in the office next to mine and he knew that I had chickens. His girlfriend works for a wildlife rescue and rehab and was in Monroe County, Pa and was driving through state gamelands. She pulled to the side of the road for some reason and when she looked around, she saw a rooster! She made some calls to neighbors and they reported seeing it for the last few days. She caught it and held it in her arms while driving for an hour until she got home. Needless to say this is a very tame boy. I felt sorry and told them to bring it down to my house because they weren't sure what to do with it. However, he kept it in his house over night and we laughed like crazy when he told us that they pulled the curtains and expected this to stop the crowing at sunrise! He was very anxious to bring it down the next morning. Well, because he's a rescue, I can't even think about getting rid of him. He looks to be a Red Rock Cross and not full grown. My guess is that he's one of those Easter throw aways. Seems to be the right age. Spurs aren't that big and doesn't have the full tail yet. Will get a little bigger too. His name is "Rocky" because he's a surviver! He didn't hesitate to join my other 3 roosters in chorus along with my sisters' next door. He seems happy to be with others of his own kind. He's obviously been raised by someone...he's in great shape. Lucky he didn't get eaten by something though. But really, most people come across stray cats and dogs. It's not every day that someone picks up a stray rooster!

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Poor guy. I'm glad he's happy now!

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When I was a kid, one winter my dad found a hen along the road, we think she fell from a cull shipment headed for the 'big house.' I think she was a Cornish. Her feet were frozen and eventually fell off, we kept her in the barn with the cows. That chicken stumped around for 2 years and laid an egg almost every day. Ironically my not yet husband found one just like her 15 years later and she lived for quite awhile, too. Amazing what chickens can survive.

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I just found a rooster too, last week. My friend saw it by the canal and told me about it the next day. I went down that evening and didnt think i would find him. I was on my way back to my car and was looking in the woods and there he was perched about 2 feet off the ground. I got him and brought him home. I believe he is a grey silkie, really cute and shows no agression at all. I feel the same way as you Joyce, he is a rescue, i cant get rid of him! I talked to a guy at the canal the other day and mentioned the rooster and he said he had seen it there (standing in the middle of the road none-the-less) many times and i told him i took him home. He said the one day kids were throwing rocks at him (he told them to cut it out)and he was flying into the woods and making noises, poor guy! i'm surprised he isnt a freak after being tormented by those kids. I dont know how long he was he is safe and well fed and has a house just for him, only needs to be painted. I named him Walnut because of his huge walnut comb and because he was found by the Walnutport canal in Walnutport.


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