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#70750 - 03/17/08 05:16 PM young chick chirping for attention?
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Hi everyone!
I just had a quick question about a chick who is about 3 days old and, unlike her companions is constantly and loudly chirping. My parents picked "her" out from the feed store and I believe she is a Red Leghorn. The very first night she was home (this past Friday) she began this loud chirping. I shrugged it off as normal since i've had chicks before I know they all do this.

But it is Monday now and I'm afraid I have taught her how to ask for attention. Whenever she started the loud chiping I'd get her out and hold her and when setting down with her I allowed her to fly up on my shoulder and sit there hiding underneath my hair. (I know baby chickens uncontrollably poop, but since I wasn't going anywhere I didn't care if she pooped on my shirt or some got in my hair - i'd just wipe it out and wash it.

Anyway, now when I put her up in her cage with the other chicks (i give them generous attention too) She starts this loud chirping after I walk away. Am I just being silly, or is it possible I've taught her this bad habit? Or is something wrong with her since she spontaneously starts this extra loud chirping?

#70751 - 03/17/08 07:01 PM Re: young chick chirping for attention?
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Mine chirp loudly when separated from their companions or when the light is turned off for a moment-- IMO, she likes the extra attention & she's chirping for you!

#70752 - 03/17/08 09:37 PM Re: young chick chirping for attention?
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My mother tells me I had that one worked out with her when I was three weeks old. laugh (Not that I chirped you understand)
It does sound to me as if the chick has bonded with you. I certainly wouldn't class it a bad habit. You may have made a delightful friend.
Just make sure though, that it is eating, pooping and drinking well incase there is a problem there that would make it vocal.

#70753 - 03/17/08 10:20 PM Re: young chick chirping for attention?
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There is a difference between "cheeping", which is what chicks do when cold, hungry thirsty or lost. ---or if she does not know her companions-she is then cheeping with insecurity. If you take her out to hold and "play with",she indeed may be insecrure when you put her back, if she does not have a good friend--and the other chicks do not respond to her well, after being separated."Churping" is often a distress sound and often with problem pooping--needs immediate attention.

You will learn the meaning of their various sounds--they do have a language of their own! I love a box of quiet, happy chicks and do check when they are "talking", whether it is cheeping or chirping!

Good luck, CJR

#70754 - 03/18/08 04:27 AM Re: young chick chirping for attention?
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I had a MGB (Bart) that did the same thing. I knew he was warm enough and had enough food and water and 2 little buddies that he got along with. I think you have a pet smile

#70755 - 03/22/08 07:54 PM Re: young chick chirping for attention?
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Hi everyone, I have a happy update on the little red chick:

She has become a pet and her name for now is Pepper since she is about the same color as a Dr. Pepper can. She doesn't do the loud chirping anymore and she is in excellent health, but whenever I open the nursery cage door she runs right to me. And even better, the other 6 chicks are friendly with her and they run right to the open door too. smile


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