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#70923 - 02/07/07 05:06 AM YOUR Feathers?

What DO you do with them? I'm saving a bunch to make wreaths. I would love to hear what clever ideas you all have!

#70924 - 02/07/07 10:27 AM Re: YOUR Feathers?

I'm saving my duck feathers to stuff pillows with. smile

#70925 - 02/07/07 09:40 PM Re: YOUR Feathers?
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I used to sell my Macaw feathers to the native indians.

#70926 - 02/08/07 01:51 AM Re: YOUR Feathers?
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Maori in NZ have traditionally used feathers to make Korowai (feather cloaks)Traditionally feathers from some of the colourful native birds were used, but with some of these birds on the endangered list, other feathers are now used. These are highly prized posessions and are often handed down through generations. Here's a website for more info. Korowai
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#70927 - 02/08/07 04:30 AM Re: YOUR Feathers?
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Cool link Foehn, thanks for sharing!

Iīve heard the same from Tim (a friend of mine from the US) when he was over for a visit last year. He told us that some of our weird-looking (wrong-colored in breeder terms I think), huge Brahma-feathers have patterns that looks alike Hawk-feathers. Due to Hawks are endangered where he lives he must not even pick up a feather when he finds one by accident, he would be fined if he get caught. This was a surprise to me;-)

To make the long story short we visited "our" befriended falconer (who runs kinda "predator-hospital" and also has chickens at home) from the neighbour-village, and Tim managed to buy a few feathers from him legally (itīs not forbidden over here). He paid several hundreds of $$$, I couldnīt believe it! This much money for a few feathers, wow;-)

When we gave Tim some of our weird feathers as a gift he almost didnīt dare to take them for free;-) Strange world...

Best greetings and thanks again for the link, those cloaks are cool;-)


#70928 - 02/09/07 03:00 AM Re: YOUR Feathers?

korowai wow indeed. well there is the millacs reservation, ....interesting, i wonder what they would say. well i kind of wanted craft ideas as i am not so creative wink and i got these really fun long ones from the rs yokohamas.

#70929 - 02/10/07 08:00 PM Re: YOUR Feathers?
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I coated a picture frame with them and a lamp shade. Mostly the really nice ones are just in vases. I thought it would be fun to make a styrofoam form of a chicken and use the discarded feathers to cover it. I think it was on here that I read about someone wanting to make feather boas. There are lots of ideas out there.

Oh yeah, I once toured a wild bird sanctuary and they said most wild bird feathers are illegal to keep whether they are shed naturally or not. The feathers from the birds at the sanctuary went to Native Americans who applied for them and had authorization from the government to have them. I couldn't believe it, I usually find feathers and tie them to my rearview mirror, probably won't be doing that anymore.

#70930 - 02/11/07 05:23 PM Re: YOUR Feathers?
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I'm a teacher and have brought feathers to my students when they made Indian masks as part of their social studies unit.

#70931 - 02/14/07 06:08 AM Re: YOUR Feathers?

coool........ideas everyone


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