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#71750 - 06/13/07 05:25 PM Storage of Feed
Michele P. Offline

Registered: 03/05/07
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Loc: Florida
Our hens and roosters are outside in their new coop and covered run and the geese and ducks are in a nice temporary spot with their houses. Right now, I have been storing their food (Chick starter rations, Layer rations and cracked corn) in my house, along with dog food, cat food and the rabbit food. My question is this: Can the poultry foods and cracked corn be stored outside in a sealtite container on the back porch? I live in Tampa, Florida. My back porch is about 20' deep by about 60' long and all covered under a porch roof. The porch faces the west. It stays very comfortable although I don't know what it is temperature wise. Would it be okay to store ouside on the porch or do I have to keep it in the house (no room really)? What does everyone else do. I have about 47 chickens, 3 geese and 5 ducks.
Michele P.

#71751 - 06/13/07 05:47 PM Re: Storage of Feed
Grader Man Offline

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large trashcans make great feed storage containers.The plastic ones are a little cheaper but if you have any squirrels around you might want to go with metal.

#71752 - 06/13/07 05:48 PM Re: Storage of Feed
Susie Offline
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There aren't any temperature problems. Just bug and rodent problems, and of course rain/moisture. We keep ours in one of those huge commercial trash cans. Actually, we can pour out about 200 lbs in our feeders, and that lasts maybe 10 days. The rest is stashed in the big trash can right there in the barn. As long as rodents can't get in, you're in good shape.

#71753 - 06/13/07 06:54 PM Re: Storage of Feed
Blackdotte Offline
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Another great container,if you can get it,is the heavy plastic barrels with screw tops. They are used for importing things like olives & capers.

#71754 - 06/14/07 08:55 AM Re: Storage of Feed
Michele P. Offline

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Thank you all for your replies. We have the containers, just didn't know if the temperature would cause any problems. At a recent auction, we lucked up on some heavy plastic barrel type containers that have the screw tops on them. When we got home and I was getting them opened up to start cleaning and disinfecting them, I was pleasantly surprised that they were in brand new condition! Of course, I cleaned in disinfected them anyhow.
Michele P.

#71755 - 06/14/07 01:50 PM Re: Storage of Feed
Henry the First Offline

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Hi Michele -

It is important that the feed stays dry - and sealed tight so critters and bugs don't get
in. Also, with the humidity in Florida don't buy too much at a time - you should cycle through it in a week or two so it doesn't sit and go bad.

#71756 - 06/15/07 10:35 PM Re: Storage of Feed
C. G. McCary Offline
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Michele: Increased heat & humidity will give the feed a lot less shelf life-- Purina says their feed is good 90 days from date of manufacture (on btm of bag on tag) if kept cool and less humid, so I agree with Henrythe1st-- you need not to store it in the heat & humidity of Florida more than 2 weeks or so. It is very humid here in Alabama so I still keep mine indoors in air conditioning. Chris

#71757 - 07/02/07 08:06 PM Re: Storage of Feed
Mike in Az Offline

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I am in Arizona and we keep our feed in metal and plastic trash cans with lids. It was 113 degrees today and it will get hotter. We have been doing this for 2 years now with no problems. We dont have much of a humidity problem here however, except during the monsoon season in July and August. But still we havent seen any real problems.

#71758 - 07/02/07 11:17 PM Re: Storage of Feed
Uno Offline
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I would love to store my chicken food outdoors but bears come and romp in it! Plastic or metal garbage containers? No problem, they whack them around and roll them and leap on them and drag them off into the bush. Not only do bears break into the container, they leave with it and you have to go search for it! eek

Some people here get old chest style freezers, with locks, and keep their feed in there. I am hoping to try this as the chicken feed sometimes has quite an odour and then I run around spraying room freshener and bathing the dog (who is not the smell problem and is developing an aversion to water)

#71759 - 07/03/07 04:13 AM Re: Storage of Feed
Foehn Offline
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Old chest freezers are used extensively over here for storage of horse or chicken feed. You can remove the old motor and make them a bit lighter to handle. I don't have enough chickens to warrant the use of one, so I use bins with clip on lids. Don't have to worry about bears thank goodness, just the odd mouse or rat which I set traps for.

#71760 - 07/04/07 10:18 AM Re: Storage of Feed
Wyattdogster Offline
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I use small galvanized trash cans- they can hold 100 lbs. of feed. Whatever you store it in, just be sure that when you open the lid to scoop out feed, shoo out any flies that may have scooted into the can. Days later.... maggots...can you say DISGUSTING????

#71761 - 07/04/07 10:37 AM Re: Storage of Feed
Raspberry Offline
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Mike In Az.
I was raised 20 years in Tucson so I know heat,too.

I cannot imagine, though 113 is good for the freshness of chicken feed.

I'd say buy it fresh and in small amounts, but even the feed at feed stores and the manufacture's Like Arixona Feed, all bake at the same temperatures.

I keep my chicken food in plastic garbage cans. (No bears here! just rodents of all kinds, including coons. Are coons Rodents?) I use plastic because it wears better in this Temperate Rainforest.

Portland, Oregon

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