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#72046 - 07/30/04 11:28 AM Re: Stupid silkie

my roosts are only about a foot off the ground - this is as high as i have noticed them easily hopping -- they *can* make it about 18 -24 inches but that's a stretch

The usually prefer to sleep in a barn-shaped box my husband built for them (it's darned cute & it's matching silo is on his workbench) They spend a lot of time in and on their little barn.

MrsFrizzbee is the only pullet i have laying right now... 90% of the time she lays IN the little barn not in the nesty box - the other 10% she lays on the ground in some hay she scratches together to make a nest. Whenever she DOES lay she makes such a fuss and sings so much that there's no problem knowing it and snagging the egg right away. We're actually hoping the silo box which is smaller in diameter will become more to her liking for laying, but there's no telling a silkie what to do.

MrsFrizzbee LOVES to dirt bath -- no, i did NOT say dustbath - i said DIRT. She's at her happiest making herself brown by digging down into the dirt in my garden. i'm not sure if it's because we're in FLorida and it's hot here and the moist earth is cool or what - but she's a real mud bunny.

#72047 - 07/30/04 03:10 PM Re: Stupid silkie
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One of my chicken friends is cornering the Silkie market, I swear.I think she's got every colour except for Skyblue pink with purple polka dots eek I am so jealous!! They seem like really great birds. I think the thought of a shared brain is hysterical. Almost like the Griae, the grey sisters with the one shared eye in Greek Mythology. I can almost picture the Silkies chasing each other saying "it's my turn with the brain, give it to me."

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