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#72083 - 09/16/05 02:35 PM Feeding the rooster...
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The term LAYER in feed clearly indicates that it is designed with a specific audience. Will my rooster be fine eating just like the hens?

#72084 - 09/16/05 02:57 PM Re: Feeding the rooster...

Layer feed simply has a higher amount of calcium and other minerals the hens need. My rooster has been raised on layer since the hens have, and he's alive and healthy. I don't believe the layer has any dramatic affects on roosters, besides a little more calcium than other feeds, so it's fine to feed it to him.

#72085 - 09/16/05 09:12 PM Re: Feeding the rooster...

Layer feed is fine to feed to Roosters. it won't harm them. my two Roosters eat Layer feed along with the Hens.

#72086 - 09/19/05 07:46 AM Re: Feeding the rooster...
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I wondered the same thing this spring, we had only hens until this year. The reading I did indicated the extra calcium was hard on the kidneys and may ultimately shorten the lifespan of a rooster. Any thoughts? How long have you guys been feeding layer feed to your roosters? I switched to an all-purpose feed and use oyster shell for the hens.

#72087 - 09/19/05 10:12 AM Re: Feeding the rooster...
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Our roosters get layer feed as well. Since most of ours roost in separate quarters than the hens, I explored alternatives to layer feed, but my conclusion has been that there isn't anything as good that is any less expensive. I'm not sure why gamebird, developer, or mixed flock feeds should be more expensive, except the old supply/demand principle.

#72088 - 09/19/05 04:27 PM Re: Feeding the rooster...

supply/demand is the only reason that feed costs how much it is. I've seen the feed down here go up and down all the time. Strange thing is, they've just started adding tax to the feed at my mill...Anyone just starting to get taxed too?
Ironic thing is, they also give you a discount it you pay cash up front, so tax ends up only being pennies lol.

#72089 - 09/19/05 06:52 PM Re: Feeding the rooster...
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At the feedstores here we are constantly taxed unless we have a tax exemption card. In answer to the above question, I've fed my roosters layer pellets and scratch and some have lived up to the 10 year mark. However, I think they pretty much lost their fertility that late on in life.

#72090 - 09/19/05 07:00 PM Re: Feeding the rooster...

My Rooster is going to be four years old next year and he has been eating Layer Feed since five months of age.

#72091 - 09/20/05 06:42 PM Re: Feeding the rooster...
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I would add that calcium is a mineral and minerals are easily expelled and depleated from the body, thus the need to supply added oyster shell during heavy production. Also minerals are craved when the body is becomming depleated you may have noticed a fowl eating dirt or mud on occasion. To a hen readily eating oyster shell when offered. Not only is calcium essential for nice eggs but for proper bone development that would also include male fowl. The amount of minerals contained in commercial feeds is the reccomended daily allowence, not harmful to a rooster but in turn not containing enough for the demand for a hen in heavy production. One of the over looked areas concerning mineral loss is stress. Though a rooster may not suffer the stress of heavy production he will experience stress from varing factors, molt is stress. Another stress for a rooster is confinment to which he cannot seek minerals naturally from the ground, prolonged periods of caging could lead to severe health risks and a well balanced diet containing essential minerals is essential.
So in light of this feeding a well formulated and designed feed for poultry regardless of sex is essential for proper development to maintaining a healthy flock, roosters and hens alike.



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