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#72546 - 06/23/07 07:41 PM Sexing my Silkies.....
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Hello all,
April 29 we picked up 4 nice Silkie chicks. They were about 4-5 days old when we got them.
2 Partridge, 1 Buff and 1 Splash.
Hoping they are all hens...can anyone hazard a guess for me???
Here is a link to pics taken about 2 weeks ago.
go to the CHing Park Chickens page.
Also...want to hazard a guess on what breed of bantam is my roo and his hen??? We were told Rhode Island...but they both have white lobes and the roo is speckled in the chest.
Any help is appreciated.

#72547 - 06/27/07 10:04 AM Re: Sexing my Silkies.....
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Definately NOT RIR! Completely different body style, hopefully someone with more bantam knowledge can help you.

#72548 - 06/27/07 01:11 PM Re: Sexing my Silkies.....
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Not recognized as any breed, so crosses would be useless to speculate. But they are pretty birds with some Mille Fleur genes from some other breed than Belgians--or Speckled/Spangled background. Long legs do not fit many bantam breeds and white earlobes, also limits breeds, but I do not regognize anything to indicate ONE breed--maybe as Jrsygntbrdr1 says: "someone else will"... CJR

#72549 - 06/28/07 07:27 AM Re: Sexing my Silkies.....
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I will venture a guess that these are hatchery silkies, as they do not appear to be of the best quality. They are also still a bit young to tell sex, but, if I had to venture a guess, I would say that the really dark one with red in it is a male, the other dark one with the lighter brown a female, and the buff a male, simply by the first pic where the with of the comb area appears very wide. You will probably need to wait a while. The males will start to develop streamers from their crests, (streamers are long thin feathers, longer than the majority).
Cara Smith


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