I have two big bantam cockerels, brothers, who seem completelky uninterested in the opposite sex. When they were in a pen with some other hens and cockerel by virtue of size and age they were easily top of the pecking order in any fights but when it came to mating a much younger smaller cockerel could mate their hens right in front of them and they showed no concern at al.

I have had them on their own with the pullets i want them to mate and they are not even trying. I set some eggs and as expected all were clear.

I don't want to seperate them because i haven't got many spare pens and if seperated wouldnt be able to put them back together. Is their obvious strong friendship the problem? I have tried putting their pens close to other breeding pens and they show no interest in what's going on anywhere. What can i do to get them mating? .