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#73977 - 02/07/05 01:18 PM i need help with candling
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Hi there.
i have had a pullet setting on eggs for 17 days now. I have tried "candling" the eggs several times in the last few weeks and have yet to see anything in any of the eggs. Some of the green eggs are just to opaque to see through at all, but i have tried with the brown and light green ones by a method of holding a bright flashlight shining up through my fist and setting an egg on top...essentially making a vertical tunnel with the flashlight shining up from the bottom and an egg setting on top. The egg appears to glow lightly from inside. I'm wondering if I candling is more difficult than it seems or if the eggs aren't developing. The egs are due to hatch
friday, so I'll definately find out then, but I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts.

#73978 - 02/07/05 01:57 PM Re: i need help with candling
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My bird's eggs are only slightly tinted or white, so the light goes through easily and the growing embryo can be seen all during incubation.

With dark shelled eggs it takes an intense light to shine through. You might take a fresh dark shelled egg, candle it with the brightest light you have, then compare to your incubating eggs. Is there a difference? At this stage, there should be only a little light showing through on the wide end, where the air cell will be--no light goes through the developing chick!

Bt you will soon know--there will be peeping and pipping, and so, good luck! CJR

#73979 - 02/07/05 05:24 PM Re: i need help with candling
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A lot of us (Eowyn I know specifically), have a REALLY hard time with the green eggs (the brown color layered over the blue). I ran into the problem with some very dark Maran eggs recently. I have also noticed that some of my hens have thicker shells on their eggs which is an added difficulty. Sometimes I just can't candle them, no matter what! I typically use a Mag light directly against the end of the egg - in a little cardboard "tunnel" - stuck in a box - in a dark room. Ahh, I guess sometimes developing life wants its privacy! Good luck.

#73980 - 02/12/05 10:11 PM Re: i need help with candling
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Just wandering do you want to sell some araucanas? Im looking for pure blooded rumpless and tufted.
Danny Pritchett

#73981 - 02/13/05 07:38 AM Re: i need help with candling

With dark brown eggs, it is very difficult to see anything inside the egg except shadows. So generally I use the size of the air cell to determine if things are going OK. By 18 days, you should have about 1/3 air cell, shown as very light coloring, and 2/3 dark shadow, showing the chick. The problem is that you won't know if the chick is still alive or has died after reaching that size.

When I candle at 7 days, I expect maybe about 1/5 air cell and a small amount of shadow. Then at 14 days, there's more air cell showing still, and more much more shadow. Here's a pic of air cell sizes for the various days.
Hatching Egg\'s Aircell Sizes

Good luck!!!

Note: you'll find if the embryo dies in the early days of incubation then the air cell still stays relatively small throughout the 21 days.


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