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#74088 - 11/15/03 07:55 AM Chickens throwing nesting materials out?

The subject basicaly says it all. Earlier this week one of the nests had been redecorated with all of the straw being sracthed out along with the fake egg. Today three nests have been redecorated. Why would they be doing this?

#74089 - 11/15/03 08:00 AM Re: Chickens throwing nesting materials out?
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Are they laying? If not, this is kind of instinctive rearranging of the nest, a prelude to laying. Are the nests deep enough to hold the straw in--when they are not so anxious to "make their own nest". My pullets sometimes do this before they start to lay. And sometimes an overzealous cock will also rearrange the nest and throw a lot of the straw out. When hens are laying, this behavior may be expected to stop. Good luck, CJR

#74090 - 11/15/03 08:39 AM Re: Chickens throwing nesting materials out?
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My Cochin pullet has taken to pulling things out of the nest too. She was hatched in April so I am expecting that she is getting ready to lay. My 2 older hens put things in and pull things out of the nest every now and then too. I think sometimes they just don't like the way it feels when they are on it.
Michele Burns

#74091 - 11/15/03 01:38 PM Re: Chickens throwing nesting materials out?

Well I have been getting eggs for about a month now, Production is going up, yesterday I got 8 eggs the day before 7. I have a total of 15 Pullets so not all are laying yet. I recently added straw to the nests, before I just had pine shavings in the boxes. I thought the straw would help keep the nests a bit warmer. The nests have a three inch lip on the front of them to keep the nesting materials in.

I don't have a rooster confused I think. I have one pullet that is much larger than the rest that I used to think was a rooster,but I have seen no rooster behaviors, crowing, sturting, etc.and think I saw her coming out of a nest after laying an egg. I suppose it sould have been in there before she/he went in.

Can you tell if this is a pullet or cockerel?

So do you think it could be a new pullet getting ready to lay?
Is there any thing I can do or do I just live with it?

Thanks for the input



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