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#74771 - 12/03/04 06:32 AM Adding a rooster to my flock

I started this fall with seven hens and one rooster given to me by a friend. To make a long story short. I lost the rooster & a hen to a predator. Totally my fault for not having a secure run. That's fixed now.

Today I see some Aracona roosters in the paper for ten bucks each. I'd like to get one. My hens are a mix of leghorn, bufington, barred rock, & RIR about 7 months old. Can I simply put the rooster in the coop with my hens?

#74772 - 12/03/04 07:04 AM Re: Adding a rooster to my flock

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Adding to a flock should always be done with some caution and awareness to the 'order' of things.
Caution is taken by keeping the new arrival seperated for a few weeks in order to make sure there are no health issues which could spread and affect the others.
After good health is established, assimilation can be done by keeping them seperate, but near to the flock for a short time. If they can see and hear each other for a while, then when they actually come together it wouldn't be so abrupt.

Good cLuck


#74773 - 12/03/04 02:14 PM Re: Adding a rooster to my flock
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What are your reasons for wanting a rooster? Roosters are wounderful animals but they also cause a lot of problems.


#74774 - 12/03/04 04:22 PM Re: Adding a rooster to my flock
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Wounderful?? Is this a play on worgs maybe! It can be so true.


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