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#74806 - 02/11/04 02:29 PM worming birds

Does anyone else out there worm their birds,
I do, but I wasn't sure if it is really necessary?

#74807 - 02/12/04 03:59 PM Re: worming birds
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In 3 years I have never wormed my birds. I feel its a personal preference thing. Chickens as well as most animals naturally live with some internal parisites and so long as a balance is maintained there isn't any worry.


#74808 - 02/12/04 05:51 PM Re: worming birds

Well, like Bill, we didn't worm our chickens for six years and it was only just recently that they got a dose of ivermectin and haven't had anything since. I'm not sure that the ivermectin did anything cause of another post on here saying that it is ineffective as an all round wormer for birds. In any case we haven't seen any adverse effects on our birds although for major infestations of course you will have to resort to antibiotics:)

#74809 - 02/12/04 06:08 PM Re: worming birds

Thanx, Don't think I'll bother anymore, the stuff I got has to be mixed and left for 12hrs, I had this tiny container of water, and as it is so hot I had to keep checking all day, to see if they had drunk it or not, so I could give them a full water supply.

#74810 - 02/12/04 08:25 PM Re: worming birds
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I worm my birds several times a year because periodically I bring outside birds in. Last year I brought gape worms in and didn't know it until I lost some of my young peafowl. I seldom bring in an outside bird now but I still worm them.

#74811 - 02/12/04 11:00 PM Re: worming birds
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Here is a link to the QLD DPI website, article on worm parasites:

Maybe it will help you in deciding whether worming is necessary or not for your situation. The article also lists methods for controlling heavy parasitic numbers.

There are registered products on the market for poultry NOT for human consumption, that come in tablet form or gel, that can be given directly to each bird. For small numbers, sometimes this is easier than in the drinking water, for large numbers, sometimes the drinking water method is easier. No matter the method used, it is a chore like any other chore. A part of keeping animals.

P.S, just noticed at the QLD DPI website, that in Australia a compulsory Newcastle disease vaccination program is about to begin from March, 2004. This is for commercial farms, with over 500 birds.


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