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#74827 - 08/29/03 09:50 AM about feed

my pullets are now 9 weeks old. When should I start them on a layer ration? Also - one of my buff orpingtons has a very large comb and wattle compared to everybody else. Could the she be a he? laugh Ordered all hens (mixed bag) from the hatchery. This bird is acting just like all the rest. Could she just be the dominant hen in the coop?

#74828 - 08/29/03 10:41 AM Re: about feed
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Most of the Chick Starters recommend that you feed till around 20 -24 weeks, which is, for most, point of lay, then switch to a Layer ration. I am using Puring Start & Grow & following their recommendations, to see how they do.

Don't raise Orps, so can't help there, but I'm sure someone can help with that questions

#74829 - 08/29/03 11:01 AM Re: about feed

When I had Orps my roos alwasy developed waddles and combs much quicker. I would keep and eye on that one.

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At nine weeks, if she is a he, the bird should start crowing very soon.

We switch to layer feed when we introduce the pullets into the hen house and they eat what the hens eat. So they are well acclimatized before they start to lay, we introduce them at 17-18 weeks. The guy at the feed store says you can start 'em on layer feed anytime after 10 weeks, but then "guys at the feed store" aren't always the best source for poultry information.

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That one sounds like a roo. The wattles are often more of a tip off than the comb since comb size on pullets can vary some. The thing to watch for is to see if that one's comb and wattles turn color (dark/bright pink to red) several weeks before the others. That's a major clue. Also, you should start to notice a rooster to be much taller than the pullets and his leg shanks and feet will be much bigger. If all of that adds up, you can count on it being a "he".


#74832 - 08/31/03 12:20 PM Re: about feed

Thanks for the info guys smile Yes - I think she is actually a he eek . This ones legs are thicker than the rest and it is taller than the rest. I sure wish I was able to keep a rooster here but the neighbors would go wild. :p . Guess I should put and add in the Buy and Sell for my roo buff orp.


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