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#74912 - 08/04/05 09:58 PM Re: Good lord.... will she stay this noisy??
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I have a hen that was very loud after laying for the first 6 months after she started laying, but she only gets loud occasionally since then (she's 18 months old now)... it seems that as time goes by she doesn't get as excited about it every time she lays. So maybe yours will be like mine.
Chook Hilton

#74913 - 08/05/05 01:34 PM Re: Good lord.... will she stay this noisy??
H. Cote Offline

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I love it! I have to add to all this discussion... my hens get to "honking" and will go at it for a 1/2 hour or longer - it's hysterical! One will even get on the back of our porch bench,look into the window, and squak away until someone comes out of the house to see her(and maybe give her a little oatmeal yummy)

#74914 - 08/06/05 01:15 PM Re: Good lord.... will she stay this noisy??
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well she has decided that her life's dream is NOT to be an opera singer lol

She has been laying steadily for almost 2 weeks now, and only sings out just before and after she lays her egg. Other than that she is back to soft clucking, and not anywhere near as loud as what she was. We are wondering if it was just cause she wasnt sure what was happening to her when she felt the need to lay...and now that she is more comfortable with the process, she doesn't need to scream her lungs out?

So now we just have to wiat and see what the others hopefully they will learn from her example and not be as loud smile

#74915 - 08/06/05 01:44 PM Re: Good lord.... will she stay this noisy??
Elda Offline

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My Gosh

Im so glad that im not the only one who has a operah singer for a hen.

My other hens are rather very quiet and down to earth, except for the one pea in the pod. My word in the morning i never hear the rooster i hear her. She will scream and moan the whole time until i open their pen for them to go and walk around. When it comes to egg laying, she is even worse, I sometimes want to duck-tape her mouth closed, and then i just end up laughing at her.

Sometimes it gets so bad, that her JOYOUS occasion is not only celebrated by her, but her fellow hens, and roosters, not to mention my ringneck parrots, and even my peafowl.

#74916 - 08/23/05 09:47 AM Re: Good lord.... will she stay this noisy??
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Isn't part of it because in the wild, after laying an egg, they cackle to find their flock mates? Our chickens still do it as a remnant, like dogs rolling in something stinky to cover their smell. When my chickens are out and get separated, the roo will crow until everybody is back together, then do his wing dance to the naughty ones that strayed. My hens will also 'sing' more and louder when they want out of the pen.

#74917 - 08/30/05 11:56 AM Re: Good lord.... will she stay this noisy??

I am so grateful for all this information. I was completely not prepared for how loud our girls would be when they laid an egg (and in our case, it appears to be immediately after they lay the egg, not before or during.) But our Rhode Island Red has been laying for about 2 weeks now and she's getting much quieter.

I do notice that now that she's figured out that she can make such a loud and distinct call, she sometimes does it for no apparent reason, hours after she's laid her egg. But it's short-lived, so hopefully the neighbors don't mind. Besides, I figure my chickens are not as loud as the many dogs barking in our neighborhood!

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