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#75757 - 01/18/04 12:06 PM Re: Selling Eggs

It doesn't seem very fair to make people feel they are under investigation just for asking or sharing advise. confused Obviously not every state is the same when it comes to these regulations.

#75758 - 01/18/04 01:01 PM Re: Selling Eggs

Every state has different regulations. At the same time, EVERY STATE HAS REGULATIONS.

At present, I have changed my mind. I used to believe that everyone was legal - now, I believe that most are not.

If you want to sell eggs, you should obey the law. There are reasons for those laws above and beyone the gov't penchant for harassing (sp) people.

No one here is under investigation as far as I know. I did check some state laws. And why do you think it is because they wanted to give/share advice? That's not what they were talking about. They are talking about selling eggs. You can give/share advice all day long without a license of any kind.

You would feel differently if your child died from a case of salmonella contracted from eating some dope's poorly handled/processed "farm fresh eggs"

#75759 - 01/18/04 03:46 PM Re: Selling Eggs

Originally posted by Leee:
Cloverfarm, as I read the Indiana laws, it looks like you can sell eggs, without a license, only to people who come on your farm to buy them, and the transaction takes place there. ...
Yep. That's the plan.

#75760 - 01/18/04 04:52 PM Re: Selling Eggs

Leee, Is there a link that list the regulations by state. If so, I'd like to read it.

I like a variety of chickens and soon I plan to order, but I don't want to get stuck with an abundance of eggs if I can't legally sell them so I might have to cut back on the breeds I get.

I find myself in a "crunch" because while I am too the legal do it right kind of person, (family owned business) I can't see getting a license to sell 2 or 3 dozens of eggs a week. Yet, I don't want to pass on salmonella to anyone or better yet, even end up with it myself.

What do you do to help decrease the threat of salmonella in the eggs you sell. I'm under the impression there is no full proof way of making sure one of your hens does not have it. How do you handle them? If I remember correctly salmonella can be carried in the hen and passed to the eggs. From what I read just about all you can do is handle an egg carefully and minimize it's risk of having salmonella.

I'd appreciate your input.

Todd smile

#75761 - 01/18/04 06:18 PM Re: Selling Eggs

For all you Texans:
From the Texas Department of Agriculture
Egg License


An egg license is required of a person who buys or sells eggs in the State of Texas for resale. Facilities where eggs are graded, stored, packed or processed must be licensed. Egg brokers must also be licensed by the Department.

I'm glad I checked. I never really thought about it since we're so small-scale. Since my family and friends won't be reselling them, I guess this "elderly farm woman" won't need to worry about getting turned in! wink
(Thanks, Lee, for busting our chops and making sure we're all legal. I mean that. Thank you. If we ever decide to try selling to retailers, we'll be sure and go through the correct licensing and possibly save ourselves some legal problems.---But now Cloverfarm deserves an apology. She wasn't lying and did obtain the information that applied to her---even on a Saturday. Right or wrong, you can still be nice!)

#75762 - 02/13/04 07:34 PM Re: Selling Eggs

From what I have understand after talking to the Department of Ag, about selling eggs for here in GA, as long as you have less than 1,000 birds, and you are only selling out of your house you do not need a licence. I have been marking my eggs with the day they are collected, so that they know how fresh they are, I also check twice a day to gather the eggs. I have noticed that the people that are asking me about eggs, are people that are on the ATKINS DIET. I have been spreading the word that I have eggs, around my church and have already had about six people ask me, for any where from 6-12 eggs a week, good thing I am getting more hens tomorrow. I have am going to charge 1.00 a dozen and 50 cents for half dozen, which might explain why I have six people clamering for eggs.

#75763 - 02/15/04 10:23 AM Re: Selling Eggs

Thank you George for sharing your story. I am glad to hear of your good experience.

I learned a lot from this thread - a lot more than I expected to - and I want to thank everyone for sharing their thoughts. I had no idea that it would stir up so much more than what a dozen farm-fresh eggs were worth! But it made me aware of things that I was not aware of before and that is a good thing. smile

#75764 - 02/15/04 02:14 PM Re: Selling Eggs
Bon Perez Offline

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I'm from So Calif. too. The amount of eggs I get so far satifies my family, for now. Have you contacted the USDA? What are Calif. regulations?

#75765 - 02/17/04 07:21 AM Re: Selling Eggs

Hey there all,
Just in case anyone in Oregon is interested, I checked the Oregon Dept of Ag and this is a quote from their website:

Eggs may be sold at market without an egg handler’s license and without labeling, but only by the farm that produces the eggs. All other eggs — even those produced by friends or relatives on neighboring farms — must come from licensed facilities and comply with labeling requirements. "

There is no limit on quantity, but I guess the assumption is that if you were a large operation, you wouldn't have the time to sell all your own eggs, and then you would be in violation if you didn't have licences.

Thank you Lee, though, for raising your objection to people selling without licences, because I have to admit that I didn't check before I started. It was just such a gradual evolution... I'm sure you all know how it goes, get a couple chickens and then you see a few more that you'd like to have and all of a sudden you have 50 and way too many eggs for your own family!

#75766 - 02/23/04 11:47 AM Re: Selling Eggs
Jenn Offline

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This message is for Leee, I think more people should do as you do and get the correct licenses, and such, but you seem to have a stick up your *** about the subject, I don't think you would need to report a person having fun and selling eggs to their family and friends, yes the woman at the market who set up a stand and wanted to make a business out of it of coarse she should have been reported, but try to clam down a bit about the subject. I mean no disrespect and apologize if I have offended any one with my statements.

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