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#75891 - 02/27/07 10:03 PM dutch bantam cocks

I want some dutch bantams and cannot get them except in pairs. Are cocks ok alone as pets? I want more than one pullet or hen and cannot get them without the cocks...would it be realistic to find a home for one of the cocks as a pet?

#75892 - 02/27/07 10:26 PM Re: dutch bantam cocks
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Are cocks ok alone as pets?
Yes but they will still crow. So if noise is a problem it will still be there.
I want more than one pullet or hen and cannot get them without the cocks..
Post on the Dutch discussion board here at the Coop. I`m sure you can find somebody that will have a few pet type hens or pullets. Rog
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#75893 - 03/02/07 03:28 PM Re: dutch bantam cocks
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I have sold Dutch in trios before, but I dont have any at this time. I usually always have an excess of roos. You could always sell the extra roo later on if you want, or even give it away, but then, you never know what the birds will be going for (food or whatever)
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#75894 - 03/03/07 07:01 AM Re: dutch bantam cocks
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Your best bet to get hens quickly would be to buy eggs and hatch them out in an incubator or under a hen. I think a lot of us struggle with extra roos, especially in the spring. Dutch are so small that unfortunately eating the extras would not work for you. It's not always easy finding a home for a cockerel.

#75895 - 03/03/07 08:37 AM Re: dutch bantam cocks
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It is early in the season. Dutch Bantams are always in greater demand than the supply. Most are just hatching now. Until the chicks are growing, know the varieties and sexes, no one wants to part with little ones, but later, as the ratios are known, there will be hens available. You must be patient. I waited for 3 YEARS before I was able to obtain my first Dutch. Now, there are more breeders and wait isn't so long.
Last year, I had extra pullets, but of course, they are long gone to new homes, all went with a cockerel and maybe two or three pullets. Some could have gone alone, but everyone wanted a cockerel, also. There will be extra pullets some place this summer. I may have some, myself, but for a number of weeks, I will not know boys from girls. One would not likely to be able to obtain best quality (healthy, just not prospective show birds) as one hopes they will go to an exhibitor or breeder. It takes years to develop best lines of exhibition birds--and those breeders are the ones who raises enough birds to have extras, and they need time to select those to carry on the lines, and those birds that will be lovely pets. The Dutch are not as well distributed around the country as some other breeds, so be patient, keep asking, and you will obtain some beautiful, gentle, small urban pets. (that at intervals, lay lots of lovely little eggs for breakfast, etc.) CJR


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