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#76525 - 10/22/06 07:09 AM roosting
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Any idea on how to keep some hens from sleeping in the nesting crates? They soil and it gets all over the eggs. I put burlap over the front but it isn't working. They have alot of perch space but some won't use it they perfer the nesting box. HELP!

#76526 - 10/22/06 08:50 AM Re: roosting
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How old are your girls? Sometimes young ones will do this, but they usually switch over to the roosts once they start laying and all that. What are your roosts like? How high up? What are they made of?

#76527 - 10/22/06 03:21 PM Re: roosting
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When we switched to flat roosts (2x4s), our hens decided they liked those better than the little narrow ones.

#76528 - 10/22/06 06:17 PM Re: roosting
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Any way of fixing the burlap so they can't push it aside? Perhaps a velcro strip to anchor it? I had the same problem with my young ones. With my coop I can reach the nesting boxes without disturbing all the roosts, so I pulled the offenders out after dark and popped them on the end of a roost. By covering the boxes they soon got the message. The disadvantage is having to get up early to take the covers off. To keep the nests clean, I put seed trays in the bottom and line with shredded paper. I started to do this anyway when I noticed my poor girls struggling to keep their legs under them when they were laying. They were doing the splits! (My nest boxes are glavanised metal)The big seed trays are ideal. They fit well, have close grating in the bottom and are very easy to lift out and hose off should one of the girls deposit more than an egg!

#76529 - 10/23/06 06:44 AM Re: roosting
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Hi Gale, my older hens just started roosting in the nest boxes. It is pretty disgusting, I tried manually moving them to the roost but they always found their way back! My hubby built a plywood "flap" on hinges that I close at night. We are up early so it is only one extra step to open it in the morning when we let the chickens out. I am lucky that my 6 nest boxes are all in a row and one long plywood hatch did the trick. No more poopy eggs!

#76530 - 10/23/06 09:49 AM Re: roosting
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I would remove her shortly after she settled down for the night. Seems to me that once they are in their "night mode" they will stay wherever you place them, and the habit should be broken quickly.


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