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#76658 - 02/13/07 07:24 AM Unkept Rooster
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This has been on my mind for awhile and I just can't figure out why it bothers me so much!!!
My RIR Roo is just downright dingy! He doesn't take dust baths and doesn't groom himself AT ALL. His feathers look greasy and matted. Now I know that there is a chance that I just don't SEE him, but I really don't think thats it. While the girls take their baths, he stands there and clucks at them acting like he has something...EVERYDAY. He looks greasy and dirty all the time. I just don't get it. Since he is not very nice, I have just decided that mean Roosters don't care about how they look because they are going to get what they want regardless!!! I kept 1 of his male offspring and he takes very good care of himself. He is just beautiful, and he doesn't attack you smile
Just wanted to see what you all had to say. Again, I really don't know why it bothers me...maybe its because I expect Roosters to be these beautiful spectacles!!!! Any thoughts??

#76659 - 02/13/07 02:10 PM Re: Unkept Rooster
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I have had a bird like then now and then, just an unthrifty sort. I have seeen it in other species also. I eliminate that kind as they have no good use in a flock/herd. There is something wrong somewhere!

#76660 - 02/15/07 05:21 AM Re: Unkept Rooster
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He will be better off when his head is farther from the rest of his body.

#76661 - 02/15/07 06:52 AM Re: Unkept Rooster
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We just have them for fun and he has produced some beautiful, well kept, offspring. He about lost his head this morning when he attacked my dog, and my dog in turn attacked him!!

#76662 - 04/12/07 02:35 PM Re: Unkept Rooster

i have a rooster who got his tail feahters pecked off when he was younger and now he dosent have a tail. will his tail feathers ever grow back.

#76663 - 04/12/07 03:22 PM Re: Unkept Rooster
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Just depends.....It takes about 6-7 weeks to grow new sickle feathers (the top two feathers and the longest ones) and 4-5 weeks to grow new tail feathers. If the feather follicles were damaged, it cannot grow again, so hope that is not the case. And growth depends upon no one pecking them out AGAIN! Good luck, CJR


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