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#76687 - 09/21/05 08:29 AM Watery egg whites

Newbie here. Just got my pullets, day-old, in March, and they started laying in July. We bought a selection of "Rainbow Layers" from the hatchery, and have 13 different varieties in our 33 pullets. They are fed a good commercial layer pellet, 16% protein, a few vegetable scraps and egg shells, and we have recently started letting them out of the pen to range. My problem is that my whites are partially watery. When boiled, the outer part doesn't firm up right and is mushy. Can anyone tell me what makes them do this? I've always thought that watery egg whites were from old eggs. Do I need to add something to their diet? Let the eggs age a little before boiling? Thanks in advance for any ideas!

#76688 - 09/21/05 01:05 PM Re: Watery egg whites
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I'm not sure but mine freerange and if particularly hot they drink alot more water. I sometimes get eggs like this. New Mexico you must have hot weather. Watch how much they drink and see if drinking alot. Other than that I have no idea.

#76689 - 09/21/05 02:15 PM Re: Watery egg whites
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Somewhere there was a similar discussion recently and it was said you must wash eggs in water warmer than the egg. If the water is too cold the water actually gets in through the shell, apparently baby chicks can be drowned (in the egg) this way. Someone please correct me if I got that hot cold thing backwards. I think the discussion started with someone saying they had watery whites.

#76690 - 09/21/05 06:27 PM Re: Watery egg whites

Thanks for your replies. They do drink a lot of water, I think. They have a 5-gallon waterer in their pen and we have to fill it every other day. The watery whites started before they were free ranging. Don't they need to have as much water as they want to continue to lay eggs? I'll try washing them in warm water and see if that works. I've never heard of them allowing water into the shell, what a strange thing! Thanks again!

#76691 - 09/21/05 08:12 PM Re: Watery egg whites
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Washing the eggs is not the problem. Wash your eggs in water that is the same temperature as the egg. Heat is the problem or low protein in the feed is the problem.

Give your birds all the water they want.

My eggs have a small amount of runny egg white but there is also a dome of thick egg white that the yolk sits on.

Do not let the eggs stay in the nest too long when it is hot. One day in the nest is like a week in the frig. You may want to go to an 18% protein in your feed and see if the whites get less runny.



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