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#76968 - 03/01/04 05:58 PM Re: embarassing question, chickens mating...
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Here is another site that I found that I thought was very interesting. It goes into detail about the reproduction, forming of eggs, hatching etc.

#76969 - 03/01/04 09:25 PM Re: embarassing question, chickens mating...
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shocked LOL I stand corrected and thank you Bill. Several posts here explained my dilemma.
1.) The whole concept of the squiggle started years ago when I was a kid. I was taght by my step-mom, who was taght by her mom, whom all grew up in the back woods of Georgia with nothing but farm fresh eggs, that that was their only answer to the white formation in the egg.
2.) Because of the fact that the egg processing plant I worked at would sometimes keep eggs for months before processing makes me realize WHY I never noticed the squiggles in them.
My deepest opologies for mis-information of mine.
Jeesh I feel dumb frown Thank you all for helping to set me straight. My bad.
Loosa, good luck with your biddies, I hope they all make it out.

#76970 - 03/02/04 07:48 AM Re: embarassing question, chickens mating...

Hey there Sally, don't feel bad. You were just trying to help, and who doesn't make mistakes now and then? (I know I sure do!)

Bill and Bon, thanks for those great sites. The embyro/chick development was especially interesting.

Q: Where should fertile eggs be stored that I don't want to hatch? I've been keeping them on the kitchen counter - temp. about 68 in house. Info. says holding at 55 (like in fridge bin) is good for storing eggs til incubation. I want fertility to stop asap - what's best? (p.s. no, I'm not getting rid of loverboy. lol)

#76971 - 03/02/04 09:36 AM Re: embarassing question, chickens mating...
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Hi Mare:

If you want fertile eggs to hatch- the best temp for storing them is around 50-65 degrees. I used to put mine down our rock well, where it was perfectly 52 degrees all the time, summer or fall. Had 100% hatch doing it, too.

If you DON'T want eggs to hatch- refridgerate them. Anything stored under 42 degrees (I think, don't quote me, I'm going on memory here) won't usually hatch when incubated, though some people say they can store eggs in fridge for a month and still have them hatch. Didn't work for me, either time I tried it...not one developed.

Leaving them at room temperature COULD speed up the incubation process, I've been told. Some eggs I hatched were stored at room temp, and hatched at 19 days. All lived, despite being "early".

#76972 - 03/02/04 09:52 AM Re: embarassing question, chickens mating...
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There is a lot of unnecessary worry about fertile eggs. While there is some cell division at warmer temperatures than 50-60f, think of the nice big hen who lays her eggs outside in a nest, maybe taking nearly a month to fill her nest with 15-20 eggs before setting. Each day that she lays an egg, she warms the other eggs slightly, but when she sets, they all hatch at 21 days after she remains on the nest. During the time she is laying her clutch, you could have eaten any of the eggs and would not have seen any change significant, from that of a freshly laid egg. The blastoderm, germinal disc, might be a little larger, but that possible future chick, just isn't forming any faster than the last egg that is laid before the hen sets. Eggs might be outside in any temperature, from 40s at night and 70s+ during the day. The hen is only on the eggs for the time she is laying. If there were significant development of the fertile egg while she is warming them, those eggs would hatch days ahead of the last eggs laid. But this does not happen! They all hatch at 21 days after she begins to set. Think about it. All of those eggs could be collected and eaten just before she sets--and would be palatable and you would not notice any difference between the first laid egg and the last one! Eggs are a wonderful food, have great lasting capacity, a great packaging to keep them safe from easy contamination, and are sometimes able to give us beautiful birds to carry on the gift. Not to worry so much! CJR

#76973 - 03/02/04 05:45 PM Re: embarassing question, chickens mating...

Hi, you've made such a good point, CJR. It's a miracle, first that she even lays an egg, but also that they'll all hatch at the same time, regardless of when each was laid. That is amazing!

So then, in your case Raven, you had only 19 days of actual incubation and successful hatches with eggs stored at room temperature prior? I'm wondering why they would hatch under the hen at the natural rate, yet faster in the incubator - (supposing all eggs were held at the same temperature).

I did eat the eggs, by the way, and I'm guessing they were fertile simply from all the mating going on. I'd prefer it if they weren't fertile -(just have trouble getting past the potential for development, can't help it). But, she's laying beautiful, soft green eggs, and I'm not going to let them go to waste.

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