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#77033 - 05/28/09 12:13 PM Crowing Hen?

I recently moved to a small farm and became the owner of 7 chickens. I was ASSURED by the previous owner that they are all hens. One of them is definitely crowing every morning, starting at about 5 a.m. So do hens ever crow, or do I have a rooster in disguise?

The neighbors have made it clear that the crowing is not appreciated, so she/he needs a new home. This confused chicken is free to anyone who wants him/her. I'm not sure of the breed, but it looks like the stereotypical rooster pictures that most layperson books contain. Please help!

#77034 - 05/28/09 01:17 PM Re: Crowing Hen?
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Can happen, but not all that common--my guess is that you have a rooster. However, with older hens, a hormone change can cause it--rarely in pullets--but since they are preowned, probably are older birds. Find a new home--or soup! CJR

#77035 - 06/11/09 03:27 PM Re: Crowing Hen?

I was a member here about 8 years ago (I don't remember my username)
My oldest hen (8 years 4 months old) has been crowing on occasion over the past month or two.
The first time I heard it, I went out back looking to see if a rooster had wandered out of the forest.
There was no rooster to be seen.
The last week or so I've heard crowing at daybreak.
I went back and there was our hen, Twinkle, up on top of the hen house crowing her lungs out. smile

#77036 - 07/03/09 09:32 PM Re: Crowing Hen?
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There is an old saying about this- somewhat mysoginistic, but considered an ill-omen I'm afraid (see for this and other nicer chicken sayings):

A whistling woman and a crowing hen, Are neither fit for God nor men;"
A whistling woman and a crowing hen are two of the unluckiest things under the sun.
A whistling wife and a crowing hen, Will call the old gentleman out of his den;"
Whistling girls and crowing hens, Always come to some bad end;"
A whistling wife and a crowing hen, Will come to God, but God knows when;"
A whistling girl and a crowing hen can drive the devil out of his den.
A whistling woman and a crowing hen will always come to no good end.

#77037 - 07/03/09 09:56 PM Re: Crowing Hen?
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Heddy, those made me laugh.
I have a couple of hens that do crow when they are changing between laying and non laying hormones.

In your case, if the bird is loud enough to be a concern to the neighbours, then there is a good chance it is a rooster. Just from my own experience, my hens are not really loud enough to be a nuisance, but I can hear them from my house.

If the other hens are receptive to her/him and he is managing to mate with them, then it's even more likely.
If you can post a picture we could get a more accurate diagnosis.


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