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#77316 - 03/22/07 08:00 AM hot chicks (hens)

We get into the 100's here for a couple weeks at a time and HOT is synonymous for summer here. DRY SEARING heat. I tried one of the misters for hours in the afternoons and the smell was too terrible. A fan doesn't really help when you're blowing the equivalent of fire air! They have shade but maybe I should try the misters in short sessions on a timer, like 15 on and an hour off. Any ideas?

#77317 - 03/25/07 10:39 AM Re: hot chicks (hens)
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We are in the 90's to 100's for a couple of months each summer here. I use a fan in the coop and the birds have plenty of shade and fresh water to drink. I've never lost a bird to the heat yet. Some people do use misters but you can create a muddy mess as well as the stink. It's personal preferance.

#77318 - 03/26/07 07:47 AM Re: hot chicks (hens)

Thanks for your reply. I will try the is just hard to imagine the blowing of hot air being very refreshing without moisture. Do chickens sweat? They have an elderberry tree and a shade cloth for shade as well as being able to go under their coop. Has anyone ever used evaporation on a shade cloth? I wonder how far away it can be and still be useful? Their shade cloth goes over the coop and is about 7 ft off the ground in the open ares. Would it help lower the temp at ground level?

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i live in inland western australia, and summer is just finishing (well supposedly the first month of autumn is almost over but it was 40 degrees on friday, which is mmm, about 104 F i think)

over dec-mar here it is regularly 40, frequently 45 (110?) and this year in feb it was even 53 on one particularly nasty was a record setting day along with nasty fires. (these are all in the shade temps, sorry not sure what 53 is in farheniet, or as you can see how to spell it smile )

i keep my birds cool, pekins and silkies..birds with the additional problem of lots of feather... in a variety of ways.

*plenty of available water
*lots of shallow trays of water such as kitty litter trays. the birds actually like to stand in this water to cool off their feet. one of the biggest causes of death in hot weather can be drowning because birds try to get into the water to cool down, then can't get out when water logged, shallow water makes this a little harder to do (drowning that is, and easier to get out)
*an old time breeder from this area said to keep teh birds leaner in this time, only feeding them grains, with a lower protein diet. this keeps the body fat levels down, enabling them to lose body heat more readily
*apparently its not a good idea to wet the whole bird as they get too much of a shock but i often hose their feet. they didn't like it at first but soon came rushing over on a hot day when they saw me with the hose to have thier feet wet
*rather than wet your whole yard, have patches that are wet, such as sandy soils. like where they usually dust bathe. they like to lie on the damp soil and scratch around in it. not mud, damp.
*also friends of mine freeze soft drink bottles of water and put them into the drinking water so that the birds have chilled water.

hope these ideas help.
i only lost one bird due to heat this year, and that was on the extremely hot day. i had many many days over 40 degrees this summer, so these methods do work on heavily feathered birds. hope this helps you.

#77320 - 03/27/07 06:16 PM Re: hot chicks (hens)
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No, chickens don't sweat, instead they pant to cool off. They have a main artery that runs under each wing and spreading their wings out helps to cool them off. Their combs also radiate heat away from their bodies.

An idea to help keep them cool is by applying water to their heads and under their wings.

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#77321 - 03/28/07 08:11 AM Re: hot chicks (hens)

Thanks for all the good ideas. I will use the planter trays for water waders and give them wet sand. I am also going to break down and get a hanging waterer as they trash their drinking water instantly. So the fan blowing air under their wings would carry away the heat from under their wings and main bloodlines. I will get one of those for them, too. They have always free-roamed before and would just come stand around the back porch, but they decimated the grass and yard so now they will have to be in their run till dusk when they can come out for a romp before bed. Thanks!


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