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#77489 - 07/07/07 05:43 AM Re: De-Crowing a Rooster
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Botox only lasts about three months, and it is pretty expensive for a chicken. I would, however, love to see someone take one a day spa for treatment!

#77490 - 07/07/07 03:16 PM Re: De-Crowing a Rooster
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just picking up this thread again.

Many cities in the United States have a three hen rule. Many more have a no hen rule. So those who have three feel fortunate.

Most all of them have a no rooster rule.

I'd much rather listen to a rooster than a barking dog, or more, one of those scooters with no muffler an a lawn mower engine on them! Now why are those legal?!!

Every City in the US makes up its own rules, but here in Portland, the rules are more liberal than in many other cities with restrictions.

Someone just turned me in, not a few weeks ago, for my rooster.

I have been dealing with the "vector and nusiance" officer.

(I guess I am a nusiance!) BUt the officer is prety nice and easy to work with.

I have to get a permit to have more than three hens. No resricitions on my own house and how close the coop can be to it, but there are restrictions on how close the coop can be to other houses.

I do not need signatures of neighbors within 200 feet of the "facility" (Coop and how far the chickens run.) I would for bees or pigeons.

I can have up to three total, chickens, ducks,pot belly pigs, pigmy goats, rabbits, but no roosters, no larger animals, and no geese. Anyting over this and I have to get a permit and pay a one time 31 dollar fee. The permit allows the officer to come to my place any time he wants to inspect the facility. (I do not like that at all!) Violations could cost from $100.00 to 500.00 per day depending on the situation.

Pens have to be kept clean. Scraped to keep the fly population under check. No food out for prolonged periods. The chickens have to eat it up immediately. THat means I feed my birds several times a day.

There are no restricitions on my guinea pigs that I am awared of.

Life. Time to move to the country!


#77491 - 07/07/07 10:41 PM Re: De-Crowing a Rooster
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I guess people just don't like the fact that roosters can start crowing at any old time of the night especially if there is a full moon. I agree about yapping dogs, they can get on your nerves real quick if they have that yapping incessant whine. In the machinery line I think leaf blowers are pretty horrible. They have a high pitched whine sure to set my tinitus "singing".
No ordinances against those here but people do tend to follow an unwritten law about "sociable hours".
No council problems with flies here that I know of, but I use a pyrethrum spray around the yard anyway, and have a very good flytrap that I bait with a little mash and water (rather than meat) and the flies literally kill themselves in their haste to get to the bait. Chooky manure is all composted through a good bin with a lid, unless I have a space not in produce and then I will trench it directly. (Great vegetables!)
Oh, and I just love guinea pigs!

#77492 - 07/08/07 04:26 AM Re: De-Crowing a Rooster
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Oh how happy I feel,our Town Council has a policy that "it will not have a policy on poultry in the town area" i.e. If everybody is happy the Council doesn't want to know. However if you don't do the right thing they can ban you keeping any poultry.

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