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#78077 - 06/15/07 01:28 PM Hen laying on ground
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I should know this and have searched the archives, but can't find an answer to how to get my newly laying hens to not lay their eggs on the ground of their coop. I have 6 Black Australorps, one of which has just started laying. I have raised chickens before and never had this problem. Although this is a new coop.

I have a nesting box of the right size and everything in the coop, with an egg left in it to give her an idea, but still she only lays on the ground of the coop. I keep them cooped most days and their coop is pretty simple.

Will she just get it? I'm afraid the other 5 will start laying soon and they will all drop their eggs on the ground instead of in the nesting box.

Thanks for any help,

#78078 - 06/15/07 04:27 PM Re: Hen laying on ground
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Not uncommon behavior."When you gotta go you gotta go". As she gets more control she will lay in the nest.

#78079 - 06/15/07 10:28 PM Re: Hen laying on ground
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I have a hen (Betty) that lays right out in the yard sometimes-- just out on the ground & she's a hen, mind you, not a pullet. She's doing it, I think, because she fears a couple of the other hens that pick on her and they go in and chase her off the nest (I am still trying to remedy this problem). I've noticed the other hens are faithful to their boxes no matter where Betty lays. I have an OEG bantam hen who is setting. She gets off the nest every morning & I let her out in the yard. She went over and started rolling Betty's egg in the yard toward her nest, she was going to take that egg too-- also, the other hens try to get to her to give her more eggs- one did!-- she has one more egg than she started (& not set the same time) with so I have all the eggs marked in case one gets in again when she comes out in the morning -- I check and count em each morning-- crazy thing. Chris

#78080 - 06/18/07 11:23 AM Re: Hen laying on ground
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I have a few hens that lay on the coop floor...made a nest and everything out of the shavings. Some have taken up laying their eggs in a stack of straw, and 2 lay in the shop in a corner. I do find the periodic egg on the ground outside. I have found that they are going to lay where they find it comfortable...or they can't get anywhere in time smile
Actually found a nest out in the middle of a bunch of pine trees between some little pines. There were about 20! Chickens are sneaky little creatures!!!
Some folks here may not tolerate such behavior, but I don't mind it smile
Oh yeah...mine free range all day so that probably makes a difference.


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