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#78612 - 06/30/08 12:51 PM Young rooster turns mean
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I have a rooster that was hatched in late March with 2 hens. I was surprised anything hatched due to the cold weather. I have had them in my house until recently. The rooster was handled daily and was the sweetest little guy until now. He has turned into the rooster from hell. Every time I go in to change water and refill all the feeders he attacks me. I mean draws blood attack. I have marks all over my legs and arms. I don't know what to do or what happen to make him mean. He is in a large pen with another older rooster and two old hens who won't let him bully them. Any advice is greatly appreciated. He is a beautiful rooster.

#78613 - 06/30/08 03:33 PM Re: Young rooster turns mean
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#78614 - 06/30/08 03:41 PM Re: Young rooster turns mean
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Second the above opinion. We had a beautiful, gentle rooster with good size. Thought he would be good breeding stock. He started attacking me and for a while I tried to argue with him to show him who was boss.

Then I went into the coop one afternoon with my baby on my back in a baby sling. He spurred me and drew blood on my leg. It could have easily been the baby's leg.

He was processed into chicken stew that weekend. I still thought he was a beautiful specimen of a bird, but I won't tolerate any threat on my children.

If you only have adults around the birds it is one thing; but if you have any toddlers, they will be more vulnerable to being attacked. I have heard of one child who lost vision in one eye after being spurred by a rooster.

#78615 - 06/30/08 03:44 PM Re: Young rooster turns mean
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Beauty is only on the outside, not even skin deep! Nothing you did or will do, can change him--some come aggressive and some start so nicely and stay that way--and some become aggressive later--it is common!
Since he has shown his inside colors at this young age--I agree with ipf and Kris--if he is big enough--Soup or fry!
Good luck, CJR

If he attacks a youngster--permanent damage can result!!!! AND a lawsuit is possible. Get rid of him one way or another. Being beautiful is not a guaranteed ticket to anything!!

#78616 - 06/30/08 06:39 PM Re: Young rooster turns mean
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You could always have him stuffed...then you get the beauty...AND soup! could take a picture of him...frame it...then eat him.

Once a rooster is mean...they usually stay that way. I have done it for a number of years now and every bird of mine that turned mean...has STAYED mean. Why keep a mean rooster that's pretty on the outside...when you constantly have to look behind you to make sure you're not under attack.

Take it from me...chickens are MUCH more pleasurable when you can walk into the pen, turn around, latch the gate, walk as slowly or as fast as you like...sit a sandwich...whatever in the pen and NOT have to worry about a rooster jumping on top of you.

#78617 - 07/01/08 09:27 PM Re: Young rooster turns mean
C. G. McCary Offline
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I shipped my extremely mean Rooster to a friend's in the country after trying EVERYTHING ever suggested. A truly mean rooster--- NOTHING CAN CURE & it may be "catching behavior" -- let me explain---I do not have children (and don't want children in my run anyway) and so I did not worry about my Rooster being a liability or putting out an eye (though I got a tetanus last year due to being spurred & it hurts every time).

What did it for me was that it became an everyday event, and I got tired of always fighting him off. Also, my other Rooster I got in November-- he was completely nice, bred for "nice," but I noticed him watching the mean one attack me day-in and day- out & one day I go in my run, the mean one attacks me, I walk in the the next run and low and behold, the nice Rooster attacks me too!

I thought, "Has nice rooster now 'learned' that I am an object of attack?" by watching the mean one attack me -- well I snapped that day, and I beat them both up (if anybody had witnessed it, I'd be charged with animal cruelty); after I whipped up on them both wearing them out, I then threw the two together all by themselves and let 'em duke it out-- probably another arrest-- I said, "if ya'll love to fight, then ya'll go at it . . ."

After awhile I got a hold of myself and separated them. Mean Rooster got sent away that next weekend, and I have had peace ever since he's been gone.

#78618 - 07/02/08 09:19 AM Re: Young rooster turns mean
Ridekool Offline
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I agree with everyone else who answered. Eat him! If he's that mean, you won't be able to "fix" him.

I have a wonderful (beautiful) Orloff rooster that's the sweetest boy. I have no worries when my niece is around the chickens (I'm always with her, of course). Teddy is a dream to have around. At his size he HAS to be good.

You can always find a beautiful rooster (inside and out) to replace your monster bird. I second cgmccary's thought on the learned behavior.

#78619 - 07/14/08 01:16 PM Re: Young rooster turns mean
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I have only raised chickens for a few years, but I have had to get rid of/kill two roosters due to their attitude problems! Interestingly, I raised these myself and handled them often when they were chicks and young cockerels. Somewhere I read that handling the males when they are young can make them meaner when they mature so I don't do that anymore, hoping to decrease the chance of having another nasty rooster.

I tried everything with these two to 'retrain' them but to no avail. I kept giving them second chances to shape up. One afternoon I was crouched down scrubbing waterers, and one came running out of nowhere, full tilt...and flew at my face. I saw it coming and was able to cover my head and got spurred on my forearms. Hubby took care of him when he got home.

I agree with everyone else, eliminate him from your flock.

#78620 - 07/14/08 07:33 PM Re: Young rooster turns mean
Foehn Offline
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My neighbour used to have a bantam rooster which was real nasty. Before he became this way she used to allow the kids to chase him off her deck. When he got older he began to chase the kids and they were really frightened of him.

On occaisions it fell to me to feed them when the neighbours were away. To help me deal with the anticipated attack, I used to take a plastic, large plant pot and carry it upsidedown with a finger hooked in the drainage hole. When the rooster came running, like a feathered demon, I popped the plant pot over top of him. It was heavy enough that he couldn't tip it over. That gave me the safe space I needed to feed the hens. Once they were locked in their run, I trundled the rooster along inside the up turned pot, not lifting it off him until he was inside the run, and I was halfway out the gate. That rooster hated me, and the neighbours kids, right until it met an abrupt end. Strangely one of his sons was exactly the same, so I believe the aggression is partly hereditary.

#78621 - 07/16/08 06:00 AM Re: Young rooster turns mean
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We have 10 Australorps; 3 are roosters. They're really not mean. They do get after each other though. There is one that is more dominate than the others. Two of them fight a little, and the other breaks them up. Should we fry that one or work on keeping it? They are still young and just now getting their crowing voices. It was funny listening to them crack. Or should we wait for another month or two?

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