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#78750 - 11/22/05 02:18 AM does cracked corn warm chickens?
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I heard somewhere that cracked corn is good to feed chickens in the winter time because it warms them from the inside. Is that a true statement? Thanks.

#78751 - 11/22/05 05:53 AM Re: does cracked corn warm chickens?

Grain in general warms chickens up because unlike with the pellets which fall apart in a chickens gut when they get wet enough, the gut really got to work to digest the grain which in turn warms the chicken up. Corn(cracked and whole) have lots of oil in them also.

#78752 - 11/22/05 07:56 AM Re: does cracked corn warm chickens?
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Yes corn helps to warm chickens in the winter as well as other livestock. I feed about 3-4 pounds of whole shell corn corn every day in the winter to my 50 birds. If you are going to feed whole shell corn it may take them a while to adjust to it. My birds dont eat it untill they are mature.
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#78753 - 11/22/05 08:12 AM Re: does cracked corn warm chickens?
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Corn is supposed to be high in energy, but low in protein, hence the common advice to feed extra corn in winter in moderation. Often the advise is to give them the feed in the evening, so they will have the extra warmth as they are roosting. You will see advice to scatter it about so the birds will have to hunt for it, thus giving them exercise and extra activity to keep them busy.

So the advice is fine, as long as you do not provide them too much corn, since the completeness (in protein, vitamins and minerals) of regular ration, if you use commercial layer feed, will be diluted.

On the other hand, it may be like throwing in soft wood in the wood stove. It will burn hot quickly, but won't last the night.

#78754 - 11/22/05 09:41 AM Re: does cracked corn warm chickens?
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Corn is a carbohydrate and helps the body to produce heat. This heat or what we call energy can can be utilized by the body to keep warm to even physical energy like moving about.
Being that you have not regularly fed cracked corn your fowl may find it like candy, so use it as a general heat source and not a main staple of their diet. The same energy it provides in cold winter months it will also provide in moderate to warm months which if the diet is to saturated with corn can produce stress compounded by the elements.



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